To set the stage…

I wanted to run Savage Worlds.  I love the game.  It is fast and fun, and people seem to laugh hysterically when they are being pummeled by the bad guys.  Eric wanted a post apocalyptic setting.  So I pulled out the Broken Earth setting.



It is pretty much full of awesome.  Also, the lady on the front is the daughter of one of my coworkers and the Cat that drools is his cat.  So that makes it even more awesome.

The game I am running uses this core as the basic world, and I add adventures into it as my imagination takes me.  I love putting red herrings and morally dubious situations into an RPG.

So the players rolled up their characters, and started the adventure.

Here is what they know.  They are starting out in a post apocalyptic world… But I love just about every setting I have found for Savage Worlds, so I plan on Quantum Leaping them around between worlds and settings.  Kind of like Rifts, only without the mass death that caused the rifts…

they don’t know when they will move to another world, but like any good DM, I have a plan.

I have another really nice set of tools to help flush out the long periods moving between towns.


The Melior Via Savage Lairs is pretty much for a fantasy setting, but with a little twist here and there, it works well for post apocalyptic.  The bees and the wandering minstrels encounters came from this book

Anyhow. I love this game.  It is fast and fun, and the players get to role play.  The role play is more fun to me than having players engineer their characters to get the +10 to hit as soon as possible.