The party found out several things on Saturday.

They found out that minion monsters can seriously hurt a party member.

They found out that mutant cockroaches that are as big as German shepherds are a nuisance, but they can be tasty enough when you are hungry enough.

But let’s start over at the beginning.

The party is made up of young members of the Axe Tribe, and were returning from their Vision Quest, a rite of passage for young tribe members. After days of fasting and rituals, each player received their vision, which was hazy at best.

As they got closer to the Tribe’s camp, they saw an unusual amount of smoke rising from the camp area. They rounded a bend, and observed a massacre from several days prior. Tents burned, people slain, animals pillaged, equipment and stores looted… Obviously the work of someone bad.

After several days of tending to the three survivors, the party took off in hot (lukewarm?) pursuit. They had little food or provisions between them, and few players chose to take a skill that would let them hunt well. After several hungry days and nights, they were attacked by a swarm of German Shepherd sized cockroach monsters. They found out that if they are hungry enough, anything is edible.

The next day, they stumbled on a home where there was a corpse with a split skull lying inside. The house had several useful provisions that were taken.

The party continued on and passed a checkpoint with some surly guards and entered Rapidtown. The streets were littered with corpses, some murdered, some not. The only standing building was a large schoolhouse. In the paved playground, stood four horses and two carts. The building was quiet.

The party found doors which would not budge, and decided to enter on the 2nd floor, but some people royally sucked at climbing, and needed some help from Bo, who is apparently part Simian.

They killed some people (big surprise ) and headed up to the third floor and were ambushed… No they were not ambushed because of a timely Deus Ex Machina card played by Loren. That didn’t stop two of the minion attackers from knocking the snot out of Robert’s character. It turns out that getting repeated aces on two minion’s attack rolls and then rolling lots of aces on the damage rolls takes its toll on a principal character.

After the rest of the party made up for Robert’s need for a nap, they discovered 23 living members of their tribe, 28 locals and 2 people from Wright Town. They also learned about Mr Fix-It, a nasty piece of pond scum who is leading this group of slavers for the Green Empire. The Green Empire needs slaves to work the soybean fields to create biodiesel.

Who knew that Green Technology would lead to slavery and murder?

Anyhow, the two people from Wright Town want to take back their cart, and share some of their trade goods for their rescue.

After playing RPG’s with this group for the last while, this GM was surprised to hear that the party wanted to be reasonable… It took me by surprise. So far, they are not a vagabond group of murdering hobos.

That may change.