So today was a day to figure out role playing. The party was walking along with the caravan to Wright Town. First only Daron heard a “ring ding ding ding ding” sound (meta gaming a small 2-stroke engine sound). Daron tried to track the sound, but rolled double ones, and didn’t notice the matted down grass at his feet. As they were moving down the trail and simultaneously a leading person in the convoy turn into a huge explosive meat mist, and Daron sees this right in front of their cart wheel.


Matthew and Eric are able to stop the cart, which was rather impressive given how poorly they originally driving the cart.

Daron used his eagle eye vision, and sees two more of those things in the path. He successfully digs one up, then not so successfully digs up the second one, and does a bang up job on the third one, which looks slightly different. The third one was disarmed first. Daron was able to extract a bundle of three metal bumpy stone shaped objects, complete with the frame connecting them all.

The second one was a dud. Daron tied rope around it, and went about 100 feet back. When he tugged on the rope, and the disk started smoking, and caught fire.

While Daron was having fun, the rest of the party moved their cart away from the first mine, and Eric threw a large rock on it, luckily Daron was paying attention and dodged out of the way.

In true post apocalyptic frontier fashion, the meat mist person was quickly forgotten and the caravan was on its way again.

After a while, the party came across a metal tube with strange letters and a pretty green and yellow stripe on it.


The metal tube was surrounded by four metal sticks. The four metal sticks had pieces of pretty yellow ribbon attached. The pretty yellow ribbon had words spelling out “GER” and “DAN”.

Loren decided that they should leave it in place when she noticed the tube was leaking a brown oily substance. The area on the ground that the brown oily substance had spread out on was completely devoid of life.

Eric decided he wanted the metal sticks with the pretty yellow ribbon. Maybe he is going to look for Mr. Daniel Ger, so he can reclaim his metal tube.

The party approached Wright Town they were greeted by a surely gate guard and a ne’er do well lying naked on his back with sinews tied to his wrists and ankles. The sinews were tied to dangling large stones. Birds were pecking at his flesh.

Loren wanted to know what he had done.. His crime was to get liquored up and caused mayhem. He was sentenced to die by the method of his own choice… And this was his choice of death. The guards were not aware of what the other choice was.

After some interaction with the guards, the party was instructed to strip bare. Eric seemed to enjoy the prospect of standing butt naked, very close, to the guards. The guards checked out the party for mutations and any body piercings, brandings or tattoos to see if these new people might be enemies.

The party was deloused. Then they went in to the town. They traded goods and the horse and wagons. They ended up converting all their extra trade goods for bullets, hoping that will be a transferable commodity.

They met with Bean, who hired the party to go to Madeline to bring back Jazz, who owes a life debt to Bean.

The party started out to Madeline, a small fishing village and on the second day of walking, they observed a small flying drone following them. The party played peek a boo with the drone, but were unable to kill it. Eric wanted to throw rocks at it, but missed.

That night, the rain started. Everyone was miserable. Matthew had an umbrella and kept himself relatively dry. Eric tried to crawl inside his rucksack. He found it was not a bag of holding.

The next morning they continued towards Madeline… And saw this.


To which Loren said “I have to leave early today.” She knew it was called a dragon.

I forgot to mention, Loren wanted to sell off the crank radio, to which I casually mentioned that it was integral to the plot, to which Loren decided it could be traded later.

The party tried using the radio, and got some potentially useful information… or was it misinformation or possibly a red herring.

The person on the other end of the radio said her name was Bella. Previously one of the captured slavers told the party that Bela was in charge of Mr. Fix It.

Anyhow, Bella was none too happy that Mr. Fix It was up slaving… after all, he was only supposed to be on a recon mission

Red herring? Plot point? Misinformation?

The Party will have to see….