Well, it only took three weeks, but the band of wandering murderer hobos has returned. They massacred a group of wandering minstrels and took everything of value that they had… All because Gavin was upset that he won a contest about his thumb.

But let’s back up a little.

The party started out where they left off last week. With a dragon eyeing them like a blue plate special at a greasy spoon cafe. Daron tried to bravely sneak off, but the dragon was watching him all the way. Loren knew it was a dragon, Ba wanted to lasso it and ride it… Robert was convinced that it was friendly…

Then it attacked. It tried to spit fire and chew on people. Robert ended up getting an irradiated fireball that had lasting effects. Gavin hammered home the final hit for the kill, and went on to take full credit for the entire kill.. Daron decided to create flying gore pieces by chopping up the giant chicken…. Err dragon. Daron doesn’t know it yet, but he did get a virus from the critter.

They moseyed on a little while and stirred up a host of giant bees. Really giant bees. They were a little odd. Their bodies were at least 2 inches long, and they kept their stingers after they stung a person. The sting hurt a lot.

The party continued attracting the bees. The bees rolled a d4 to hit, but when 6 to 12 are striking per character per round… And they get a +2 to hit due to swarming… They did a lot of damage, except the party chipped and chipped to get the damage to slough off.

They finally gave up on lighting a smoky fire and ran like hell to get away.

Tired, bedraggled, and a little fussy, it is no great leap of logic to understand why they turned to murder next.

Towards evening, they came across a group of merry minstrels. All the minstrels wanted to do was spread the joy of music, dance, comedy and maybe some drama but the party had other ideas. The minstrels didn’t even perform any mime.

After a hot delicious meal of meat stew, the party started to relax… Or so the unlucky minstrels thought. Davero, the leader of the minstrels wanted to engage the party in a rousing tale telling game, called Fingers. Davero explained that everyone gets a chance to tell the best story about a body part and the best story would win.

Davero started out by telling a story about his thumb. Matthew noticed that Davero was missing the middle finger on his right hand. In true Mathew fashion, he kept that piece of information to himself. Davero’s story was about how his thumb was responsible for winning many thumb wrestling matches.

As different players took turns telling stories about their thumbs, Daron bravely sneaked away, obviously plotting to murder… After Eric told a rambling story that abruptly ended about his thumb, and Loren created a new art form, “Snarku” a delightful combination of snarkiness and Haiku, Gavin took a try. Gavin told a story about how his thumb was directly responsible for the death of a dragon, to which Davro judged was the best story, and Gavin won the contest.

This is where the horrible misunderstanding took place.

Davro and the wandering minstrels surrounded the the party, and proceeded to try to honor Gavin’s storytelling prowess… By severing his thumb from his hand. A scuffle began, and Daron spent a huge amount of the Party’s capital by shooting Davro in the head. In true Daron fashion, Davro was one shotted and went down in a head explosion… I think Daron was modifying some of the bullets for his rifle to be hollow points, otherwise, how can you get a 29 from a d12 and a d6?

The minstrels panicked. After all, they were trying to honor Gavin’s storytelling ability, and their leader was shot.

The party grabbed 3 minstrels, 9 slipped away into the darkness. Daron decided that three living minstrels was too many, I think he was concerned that they would start miming in the box


So Daron cut down two of the minstrels and went for the third, but Gavin thought he had a plan, since of course minions automatically download all of the boss enemy’s knowledge when splattered by the exploded brain goo from the head shot, right.

The minion minstrel was useless but his death allowed other party members to begin that slip down the slippery slope to chaotic evil.

So they took the minstrels wagons, horses, and anything of value in the dead minstrels pockets. The best thing in the pockets was found by Daron, a nice dead mouse. They also were able to find five daggers, but Daron liked the dead mouse best of all.

They continued on towards Madeline, and ended up negotiating for a ferry ride from the mainland to the island Madeline was on. During the ferry ride, they noticed that the two hulking men who were pulling the rope on the ferry had no eyes… Not like they had been gouged out, but no eyes.


Loren tried to bring some humanity to the party, praising the need to allow everyone work and all that… Then Gavin decided to tell a story about how they killed the cannibal minstrels and took the carts and horses. The Ferryman told Gavin that he probably should get a better story.

Anyhow, everyone on the island was excited about having a group of traveling minstrels coming to the Island. Ba / Eric was playing the bongos. Robert was wearing a mask, to hide the fact that the irradiated dragon fireball made him lose all his hair and also his nose fell off


So the party finally found Jazz. And then they got talked into fighting pirates…

But Daron is unhappy. He doesn’t like open, deep, cold, deathly water…

I can only hope the party has fun with that quirk.