PDXAGE was fun. I did have a moment if reflection. At one game I played, a high school aged kid was playing a min / max perfectly engineered character. he eeked out every advantage the rules allowed for the best archetype, best advantages, best to hit modifiers and best damage modifiers.

And he cheated on his dice rolls.

He would roll the dice so that they ended up where only he could read them and then he would cock the die and get a better score.

The DM saw through it, and his character would regularly miss on a roll where another character would hit with a lower roll.

The kid got upset, and called the DM on it. The DM explained that the laws and rules changed when players cheated. The kid exclaimed that he wasn’t cheating. The other players at the table told the kid that he was, and explained how it was so obvious. The kid stopped doctoring his dice rolls and finished the game.

Afterwards, I told him that sometimes failing a roll makes the game more interesting than always succeeding. He should try reveling in the bad rolls as much as enjoying the successful rolls.

I Remember thinking that I always needed to succeed. Failing is fun too, because then you need to figure out how to dig yourself out of the hole you created.