Some new minis.  GW Plaguebearers of Nurgle.  Assembled, trimmed up and primed.

Some people complain about GW minis.  Some are stupidly expensive, but as for some of the armies, you can get each rank and file mini for somewhere between $3 and $5 per mini.  The detail is good.  

Now, once you get into the more specialized minis, they get stupidly expensive.  The caveat here for me is that I don’t play GW.  Warhammer and 40k leave me cold.  I do like picking and choosing minis for other games.  The Nurgle dudes make good undead creepy stuff for any type of fantasy or sci fi game.

Starting basing.  

Starting the basing.  

Basing is underway.  A lot of the strong colors will disappear when the minis are ink washed, but the difference in the base color will help make it look good.

More basing underway.

I used five different ink washes.  Two guys got each color.  These guys got a sepia tone ink wash. Others got red, and three different green shades.  The open guts got a red ink wash on all of the minis.  The guy on the left has been ink washed, then dry rushed over.  The one on the right has no dry rushing yet.

The guy on the left had a red ink wash and then was dry bushed with the base color.  The guy on the right was ink washed a subtle green, then dry brushed with the base color.

Looking at the same minis from behind.

Pretty much complete