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So the party continued on from last week.  Well, kind of.  The adventure began with most of the people showing up to play at our normal game store.  But, the evil store owner was trying to prepare for his latest mind control release of Magic the Gathering, another evil spew of expensive cards from the dreaded WOTC.  Due to the evil dread of WOTC and MTG, and the horrors of having paying customers sent away, the game store shall remain nameless.  Be it known, that they have done this before, and will likely do it again.

Aghast, the party decided that they must play, but the evil storeowner said “HAH!  Come, play Magic with us, and you can come in, but otherwise, GO AWAY”.  Loren made her DC 15 willpower roll, and was not swayed.  Jason, a former addict of MTG and WOTC’s evil ways failed his willpower roll, and was tempted, but Loren clonked Jason on the head with her hardback DCC book, and drug Jason out into the parking lot.  Now, it is important to understand that the DCC book is one of the biggest core RPG books in existence.  It was no small test of skill for Loren to knock sense into Jason with the book, and not cause permanent spinal injury.

Matthew and Eric had not finished the epic journey through the horrific maze of time wasting traffic signals to get to the game store.  Loren used the magic of Google to inform them via their handheld communications devices that they should not come to the normal game store, as a great evil had unveiled itself there.  We believe that Daron was aware of this horror, and decided not to show up, but allow the intrepid adventurers to suffer the trap of evil WOTC’s MTG card shenanigans.

Another place to roll dice, read from tomes and banter needed to be found.  “To Dice Age Games!” was the call.  And the intrepid party made it to Dice Age.  Eric was the first one there, and was waiting patiently for someone to show up with a book, as he needed to create new characters.  Matthew showed up, and for some reason, Loren and Jason took a side journey and showed up much later.  Loren had some form of elixir in a white metal tube that had pictures of berries on it.  Much talk was had between Loren and the other party members of the nature of this, and how some party members were convinced that this elixir was foul.

So new characters were created by several party members.  Jason disappeared for a long time, obviously tempted by the new things to oogle in the Dice Age Games store.

And the pen and paper adventure started.

The party continued on from last week, still not sure of what to do, given that everything looked like it would kill them in under a second or two.

Eric decided that he wanted to look into the spooky well.  He had the party members tie the chain around his waist and lower him in.  As the DM, I tried to help, explaining that if the chain was tied around his waist, he would double over.  It would be better to tie it around his neck, which would keep his head in a generally forward looking position.  After all, he stated that he didn’t want to look down, because Matthew had already determined that there was something really wrong with the spooky well.  Eric didn’t agree with me.  Oh well, I try to be helpful to the players, but they can always do their own thing.

Eric lit his candle, and was lowered into the pit… err well.  As he went down, he got a really bad feeling about this, and I asked him to make a willpower save.  He failed.  In fact he really fumbled.  I like fumbles.  But then I am the DM.  I might not like fumbles so much if I was a PC, but I am a DM, so fumbles = fun.

The mists in the pit / well started swirling around him.  They formed into ghosts, or some other form of nasty gaslike things that started flailing him alive.  He lost consciousness (for 5 hours) and his hair turned pitch black.  Eric asked me what color his characters hair was before… How do I know?  I am the DM, not the player.

So just before he lost consciousness, he started seeing the chain melt like candle wax, and feared that he would drop into the abyss, and desperately called out to be pulled up.  He was out by the time that the party pulled him up.  The party decided to leave him by the edge of the creepy well.  The creepy well that had sigils all around the stonework, and evidently did something really bad to Eric.

Now this is where the party really showed their true nature.  The gist of this adventure is that everyone is from the same town.  They grew up together.  They are going to rescue their own town members.  But they take each death in stride.  The dwarves last episode.  They were both iron workers.  They see the animated corpses of the two sons of one of the other iron workers in town… Meh, less competition.  As each party member dies off, I would have thought that the towns people would have been concerned.  Right now, this dungeon crawl is doing more damage to their prime breeding stock of people than most plagues oand attacks by the Huns and Visigoths combined would do.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be a visitor to this town.  If they have this little compassion for their own, think about what they would do to their visitors.

I took Loren aside, and told her about the ax that she found. Now, I can’t repeat what was said, as this would give away the fun stuff that Loren gets to role play.  But the rest of the party should know that it will be fun, one way or another.  Probably the other, not the one way.  Anyhow, Loren started talking to her ax, and polishing it a lot, and holding it like a baby.

The party then decided to look around the courtyard some more.  This was better than the highly questionable forms of death that they already suspected was awaiting them.  After some searching, they found a large flat stone in the north end of the courtyard, that had a sigil on it.  Now the party had determined that the word “sigil” meant something bad.  I could have used the term “ward”, or “magic inscription”, or maybe even “gonzo death dealing carving”, but I thought “sigil” was as neutral as possible.  The sigils on the large stone door for the burial crypt ended up only killing two party members.  I mean, that is nothing near as bad as Daron causing the rockslide that killed 4 members in the last episode.  I would be more fearful of Daron.  After all, he did kill the first party member, and then executed himself in the last episode.  But I digress.

So when the Party sees a large stone that has markings like this, they worry, for some reason.


They poked, prodded and kept at it for a while, and managed to not do much of anything.  Then I asked who had the highest intelligence.  It was Matthew, of course.  Damn college kids.  Anyhow, Matthew remembered that there was a block and tackle with a large chain in the creepy well, and maybe that could be used to pull the lid off the coffer.  They might have to move Eric’s sleeping character out of the way.

Sure enough, the chain was long enough.  They pulled the chain out through the block and tackle, fastened it to the stone coffer lid and started pulling.  They pulled the lid off the coffer, and found a bundle of items wrapped up in a fur pelt, resting on a wooden riser.

The party removes the pelt package, and finds several nice items inside.  They find a stone idol that they are convinced looks looks kind of creepy.  It looks like this:


The carving is of fine quality.

They also find a long sword forged of milky steel, sheathed in a jewel encrusted scabbard, a fur tufted longbow and 25 arrows and a leather pouch containing a granular green powder and five cloth bandages.

Eric takes the statue.  Jason takes the sword.  Jason snorts some of the green powder and five bandages.  He asks what it does.  It makes him feel good.  Matthew takes the longbow and arrows.  He wants to be Mr. ranged weapon dude.

Eric takes the pelt.  The pelt is quite odd.  It looks like it is large enough to cover a hunting dog, and the pelt is an off white with black and tan circles on it.  It could be valuable, but Eric wants to cut a hole and make it into a poncho.

Now Jason thinks this fancy sword with the jeweled scabbard must be magical.  After all, he saw me take Loren aside with the ax, so maybe, just maybe this sword is uber cool.  So he says he is going to test it for magic.  I ask him if he has any magical abilities.  “No”.  I ask him how he plans to see if the sword is magical.  He responds, “I concentrate on it.”  He gets nothing.  It appears to be a cool sword.

Jason then wanderes over to the pit.  And he falls in.  It was sort of sad.  He fumbled twice in a row, on his luck roll, then on his dexterity save.  He got too close to the edge and the ground gave way.  He failed his luck roll, and didn’t feel the ground give away until it was too late, then he fumbled his dex saving throw, and fell in.  I took him aside, since he was the only one who saw what happened.  I explained to him that he falls into the mists, and after a 500-ft fall, he stops very quickly.  He needed to roll 50 d6 for damage.  Since he had 3 hit points, I figured he would let it go at that.  Nope, He wanted to calculate it to see how dead he really was.  After looking on the table, he figured out that there weren’t enough dice on the table.  So Loren pulled out her dice rolling app on her phone, and rolled up 50 d6, which was 137 total hit points damage.  He should be able to walk that off, right?

The last thing Jason does as he falls into the pit is he tosses the milky sword with the jeweled scabbard above him, hoping that someone will catch it.  Eric and Loren both go for it.  They are concentrating so hard on catching it, that they both run into each other.  Their heads clock like two coconuts hitting each other.  The sword drops into the ground next to them.

So Jason got a new sheet of pregens.

Matthew decided it was time to go back and check out the statue in the burned out area.  The party had already burned one incense stick in the room, and chickened out on going in.  They all knew what happened when the black ooze grew a tentacle and slapped Loren good.

So Matthew decides to burn the second of three incense sticks, and cautiously enters the room.  He goes forward, and in five rounds (FIVE ROUNDS is important here) gets into the room, and attempts to bash out the jewels.  He secures five top teeth and one of the jeweled eyes.  The other jeweled eye drops into the black ooze, but nothing happens.  Five teeth are left on the bottom jaw of the frog demon.  He is convinced it is time to get out, after all, he has pushed his luck.  Jason convinces him to stick around and get the last jewels out of the bottom jaw.  The sixth round Matthew tries to knock the jewels on the bottom loose, aaaaaand, the incense wore off, so the black ooze slaps him, just as he knocks all of the bottom teeth into the ooze pot.  He is lucky, and takes one hit point of damage, then retreats while stopping, dropping and rolling to put out the burning ooze.  But he is still alive.

So what else is there to do, that doesn’t involve being killed?  Not much.  They Party spends more time looking for anything that doesn’t involve going into the tower where the men with funny masks are hiding.  There is nothing else, so it is time to go and fight the bad guys.

As the party approaches the dark hole, I ask them what they plan on doing.  Jason charges in, I guess expecting that the rest will back him up.

The charge doesn’t go well.  The man-beasts are waiting, and kill several of Jason’s characters.  To which he responds “This game sucks”.  With all of his characters dead again I ask him if he wants a different pregen, or if he just wants to reuse the four that he just killed off.  He decides to reuse the four he just killed off.

Loren sees the combat.  Her ax dude goes into the fray.  I say, make your will save.  She says, I am not in combat yet.  So she enters the main area and takes on the head dude.  It didn’t last long.  The ax cut the head dude in half, and both halves hang over the stairs with entrails dripping onto the fight below.

Mayhem ensues.  The party kills every one of the beastmen off.  Then they notice that the “carpeting” is a lot of human skins, animal skins, beast skins, all rotting.  One of Matthews’s characters gets too close to a rot grub, and dies.  It was kind of bad.  Normally, a character has enough hit points that they can let the rot grub enter, do damage, and the rest of the party has some fun trying to poke holes in the arm or leg of the character as the rot grub makes its way to the heart of the character…  Nope,  When the rot grub kills the character as they enter, there isn’t much fun to be had, from a DM’s perspective. There isn’t much treasure here, unless you want rotting pelts.  Damn zero level characters with 1 hit point.

The Party goes up the stairs and down the hall, to the murder gole gallery above the portcullis.  They decide to raise the portcullis and block it, in case they need to make a quick exit.  Being the helpful DM, I also tell them that may also help other bad guys come in…  mwuhahahahahaahahahahahahaahah

So the party has a stairway to go down.  After all, how bad could anything be under this place?

Next week! what happens downstairs?