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So the Party met last night again, at Dice Age Games.  This time, we had Daron and his fiance, Summer, along with a guest appearance from Mike.  Jason had to work.  We were bummed about that, but between Eric, Loren, Matthew, Daron, Summer and Mike, there was plenty of party members to die off.

So I briefed the party members on where we were.  Having a couple of new members, along with Daron missing last week was a call to discuss how we got where we were.

Additionally, Eric and I had a spirited discussion about burritos and salsas.  Don Taco vs. Muchas Gracias.  Both have awesome burritos.  Muchas has amazing brown sauce, hot, smoky and delicious.  Don Taco has an amazing fire roasted poblano sauce that is finger licking good.

We agreed that there is no superior burrito when you consider the opportunities of salsa and hot sauce available.  Personally, I like the burritos at Muchas better, and when it comes to Don Taco, there is nothing better than Huevos Rancheros with steak.  mmmm.  steak.

But, then it was time to game.  Everyone pulled out their character sheets.  We continued with the zero level adventure Sailors of the Starless Sea. The party had cleared out everything on the ground level, now it was time to descend in to the depths of badness and terror.

The party descended the steps, and realizes that there is limited, if no light.  The dungeon is described as dark, wet, and the air is cool.  Now when I said wet, it became a Beavis and Butthead tent revival.  Multiple people could not get beyond the other more “racy” words for wet, such as moist.  Moist was repeated several dozen times before I tried to move the party on in the adventure.  It didn’t work.  The players continued to say moist, and other less repeatable things, showing once again that just because you are an adult, does not mean that you need to act your age.

The sole party member with a torch lights the torch, and everyone descends.  At the bottom of the second flight of stairs, they find a wide crack in the wall on the right, and a small pile of copper, a couple of silver and a gold coin on the floor.  After some looking around, the find a poorly shut “secret” door.  The party looks inside the room that has the secret door, and finds several upended coffers along with some more copper and a couple of silver on the floor.  The dust on the floor has been stirred up, and they see lots of footprints on the floor.

Eric decides to check out the coffers, and sees that one of them is taller than the inside looks.  He figures that there is a false bottom.  So he decides to “check for traps” with no skills as a zero level character.  A fine sharp scything blade cuts off three fingers and hurts him a lot.  A lot.  Inside the hidden compartment of the chest, they find a couple of silver rings with emeralds, a silk tabard stitched with the sigil of Chaos, and a steel vial.  The steel vial has several drams of some sort of dark liquid.

Matthew uses the bandages he found previously and bandages up Eric’s hand.

Leaving behind the two fingers the party continues on.  They check out the crack in the wall.  After squeezing down the hall, they come across a circular stone door with a pentagram and a bunch of sigils on it.  The magical symbols look just like what they found on the previous door, where opening it up caused two people to be incinerated.  Mike decides it is his time to shine, and volunteers to open the door…  and his character is incinerated.

Now Mike created a bunch of puns for all of his character’s name.  The first character was the Halfling with no name, kind of a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western sort of thing

But the Halfling with no name died before the backstory could be told.  It was kind of sad, but inevitable.

Summer appeared to have lots of experience in playing DCC, even though she said this was her first time.  She figured out that bad things were going to happen before anyone else did, and kept saying “aaaaaaand, I back up.  Way back up” anytime there was a chance that something would happen.  It appears that Daron has chosen well for his fiance!

The party circles back to the hallway, and continues down two more flights of stairs.  There is a wet wooden door here.  Mike decides that since one of his remaining characters has thieves tools, he will pick the lock.  The lock is not locked, and his character has no understanding of how to use the thieves tools, but he tries anyway.  After all, how can you get experience if you don’t try.  The lock is not locked, but the door is swelled stuck shut.  No problem, Mike attempts to break it down, since lockpicks didn’t work.  He doesn’t have the strength to break down the door, but he could make a bunch of noise.  Then Matthew decides to chop the door down.  The first chop sprinkles water all over everyone.

Now people are concerned.  The door is tightly wedged, and it is very wet (not moist).  There is some concern that the other side of the door is a pool, and breaking down the door will unleash a torrent of water onto the party.

Do you think that stopped Matthew?  Nope.  He keeps hacking away, and then eventually breaks down the door. On the other side of the door is a large room with alcoves and a central pool.  The walls are dripping with slime.

Matthew and  Daron fail to make their luck check, and go to the pool.  As they approach the pool, two skulls rise out of the murky water.  The eye sockets are glowing.  Matthew and Daron decide that these skull flashlights are pretty cool.

Matthew decides to dive for more skulls.  He gets into the pool and swims around in the murky nasty water, and finds a large brass ring.  Deciding that the only action available to him is to pull on the ring.  Aaaaand. the pool empties, and sucks Matthew down the pipe, into a dark room that has 4-ft deep water and more bones and skulls.  Now Matthew finds a ring, which is very pretty  (my precious?)

Now the tube is too slippery for Matthew to climb back up.  The party has lost their 50-ft rope.  Mike does the math (enginerds must do math), and determines that the party can form a human chain, and grab Matthew and pull him back up.  Loren has a better idea, to slice and dice Matthew in the chamber, loot the body and come back up and tell everyone that Matthew didn’t make it.  Matthew is pretty much screwed.

The party finds four moldy capes with hoods that have sigils of Chaos embroidered on them.  The Party also finds mosaics on the walls.



They don’t seem too bad, right?

Well, leaving Matthew’s character to his doom, the Party decides to continue on.  They descend a bunch of steps and arrive at a black sandy beach, with a menhir with a candle on it.

There was a lot of discussion of what a menhir was.  It was determined by Google that Menhir was a a French word.  And as all things French, must be silly.  Daron, our resident British person agreed.  All things French are silly, and must be punctuated with a “ahoho”

The Party lights the candle on the Menhir, and Matthew hears the party through the darkness, and makes his way in cramped quarters to the same area that the party is in.  Eric says “sorry about leaving you there”, to which Loren Says “are we?”

The Menhir has swirling patterns on the sides, and is hypnotic if you look for a while.  I mention that this is like the carpet at work, and of course only Mike gets the reference.  Here is a picture of the carpet from work.  I hadn’t thought that the swirls in the carpet might be there to magically lull us into a stupor, but it explains a lot.

Once again, the party is a bunch of townspeople who presumably have spent their lives together, and should (?) have some sort of love and comradeship for each other, right?  Nope.

There is a large galleon about 50-ft offshore.  When they light the candle, the gallon comes to the shore.

The party boards the galleon.  And it starts off.  Now the party wants to know all sorts of things about this galleon.  They are not satisfied with the concept that the galleon is:

  • wooden
  • large enough to hold a bunch of people
  • has no visible means of propulsion
  • and there are no other details to provide from the module

That doesn’t stop the party from asking lots of questions like:

  • Is there a belowdecks?
  • Are there skeletons pulling oars?
  • What type of wood is the boat made from
  • How big is it?  Is it like a Roman galley, a Trireme, or a Viking longboat.

The cheapskates err fine people at DCC don’t want to bother with flavor text.  After all this is Dungeon Crawl Classics, not a multilayered D&D or Pathfinder adventure.  This is all about kicking down the door, killing the monster and looting the body, repeat.

But, that is me just bitching.

As the party crosses the underground sea, the boat come to an abrupt stop.  Not a crunch like I hit a rock stop, but a squishy stop.  And they they see a bunch of tentacles coming over the boat sides.  The party could stop the undersea tentacle monster several ways.  They could sacrifice one or more creatures to the leviathan, chum the water with blood, drop 500 gp worth of sacrifices, or burn some of the magical incense of Chaos.  Now, I don’t tell the party what their choices are, they have to blindly figure it out for themselves.  Hopefully, hilarity will ensue.

First, the party tries throwing a side of beef to the leviathan.  The leviathan throws the side of beef back.  It wants fresh, not aged.  More tentacles.  Daron and Summer head below decks.  Maybe the tentacles will be sated if they kill the other party members first, right?

Then Matthew shows once again that college students are the smartest ones in the bunch.  He takes some of the evil incense and starts burning it.

Bummer.  I mean, good for the party?  yeah, that is it.  The incense stops the leviathan.

Matthew also chugs the metal container, and feels good.  Really good.  He gains 16 hitpoints, temporarily.

The ship continues on to a giant ziggurat temple in the middle of the sea.  The temple has a winding path around it

Now this is another place where the party shows their intelligence.  They took the rotting robes of Chaos, and wore them.  The beastmen who are shepherding the townspeople up the path to be sacrificed do not take notice of the “priests” in the robes, or the sacrifices being led by them.

The Party makes it by all of the beastmen, and see that at the top of the temple is a smoking hole, with a shaman beastmen and a large effigy of a human with a large mace.

Daron decides that his gongfarmer will try to push the shaman into the lava filled smoking hole.  He actually does it.  It takes two rounds to grapple and push the shaman and effigy into the lava tube, but is successful.  Now, once again, the DM is sad.  The shaman and effigy should have wiped several of the party members out, but that didn’t happen.  I will take some solace in knowing that the gongfarmer lost his balance and fell in after the shaman.  Also, by the time the party got to the top, the beastmen had shoved all of the treasure and the townspeople into the lava tube…

Loren rolls for her ax, and loses against her willpower.  She attacks, the closest person…  It is Matthew’s character with thh 16 temporary hitpoints.  She hits, she scores, and seriously hurts Matthew… but then does not kill him.  The ax causes her to kill the nearest person, friend or foe.  The beastment realize that something is up, and start running up the ziggarut ramps to the top.

Now Loren holds the ax high and yells out that “All shall bow to Felan!”  Most of the beastmen stop and are cowed by the great one with Felan’s ax.  But that doesn’t satisfy the party.  Of course not.  Matthew kills Loren.  Things go bad, for the beastmen at least.  The beastmen didn’t pay attention to the party as they gained the high ground of the ziggarut, as four members were cloaked in Chaos garments, and the rest of the party looked like additional sacrifices.

The party massacred the rest of the beastmen since they were unable to mount a frontal assault.  Daron picked up a dead beastman and threw it onto another, but unfortunately only nicked the beastman below.

After the adventure was over, everyone leveled up to 1st level.

Fun was had, each player will move one character forward to the next adventure.