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So Saturday’s game was a pretty quiet one.  Loren and Robert are supposedly “gardening”, whatever that means.  Daron and Summer had other things to do.  Eric said he was going to be out this session… probably “gardening” also.

That left Gavin (Otto), Sue (Sue) and Mike (Winnie) to play.

After the previous week’s adventure which ended in a horrific bloodbath, the party needed a week to recover.  They laid low, and heard about another wolf related massacre.  This time, it was the Catholic priest.  He was attacked in the church, gutted, and his eviscerated body was dragged down the town path, with bits and pieces of his internal organs scattered along the path.  It was pretty gruesome.

Since the party was recuperating, Sue wanted to investigate.  It turns out that only Catholics have been attacked.  Sue thought this was important, while Otto was concerned about what sorts of things a witch and demon would conjure up.  Winnie was concerned about food.  The party went to the home of the priest, and started investigating.  Winnie decided to track the wolf that had attacked.  Now Mike rolled a 1 on tracking.  He had a negative 2 on tracking because he had no skill, and he rolled a 1 and a 3, so he really rolled a -1 and a 1.  He successfully tracked the beast to the Inn, and proceeded to eat voraciously from the menu of the tavern at the Inn.

Sue was no more skilled at tracking, but she kept wanting to tie it to the poor aunt who came to care for the two children who were massacred a month or so ago.

So Sue led the party off to check out the church, to see if there was anything of value.  The priest’s death was fresh, so the local Catholics had not come by to secure the plate and cup… OK, for Sue’s benefit, the “Chalice” and the “Paten”, but I called them a plate and cup….

Anyhow, the locals had not come by to secure the things of spiritual and monetary value, until the Vatican could provide another priest.  Hopefully a wolf proof priest.

So the party went and interviewed the remaining two Catholic families in the town.  They were unaware that the Priest had been killed.  They were also very concerned, as they realized that it was only Catholics who had been massacred to date.

So Sue headed off the the house with the Aunt who survived the wolf attack.  Sue interrogated the Aunt again.  Demanding to know if she was a Catholic or Protestant…  OK, maybe there was some finger wagging, but no demands.  Sue was trying to be polite, but she seemed to think that this Aunt who came all the way from Saxony after her brother and sister in law were killed in the logging accident. The Aunt, named Lorena Talbot didn’t want to relive the mistake she made in not securing the door to the house when her niece and nephew were killed.  Lorena didn’t appreciate being asked if she was Catholic or Protestant.  In fact, she would not answer the direct question from Sue.

A future family member of Lorena Talbot, for sure

Lorena asked the party to leave.  Before the party left, they noticed that there was no crucifix in the home, in fact, there was a shadow and smudge of a crucifix on the wall, as though one had hung for a very long time, and was removed recently.

So after several additional days of rest, the Party decides to go back to the Baron’s castle.  Previously, they had explored just a small portion of the castle before they were smacked hard by some animated weapons.

Winnie had an idea.  Winnie decided that he would purchase several heavy tarps to cover the weapons on the walls with, and hold them while they moved through the stairs.  So that party takes the tarps and moves off to the castle.

The party enters the castle and finds that the doors they broke down are still broken down, and the doors that they left open are still left open.  As they enter the great room, they find four freshly dead adventurers.  Before they go too close to the stairs, Winnie nails a heavy tarp over each of the weapons on the wall.  They are successful in containing five of the six weapons, but they walk too close to the stairway and trigger the sixth weapon.  After some heated battle, the party breaks the weapon, and in a spark of blue light, the weapon crashes to the ground.   As long as any party member is close to the stairway, the weapons on the wall vibrate under the nailed tarp.  The party moves away from the stairway, and the weapons stop vibrating.  So the party decides to destroy one weapon at a time.  Winnie destroys all but one.  A dagger that has a slightly different color than steel.

The metal has a different sheen than the steel and iron weapons that the party has.  Winnie wraps the dagger in multiple layers of tarp, and lay it on the floor.  They figure that they can come back and take the dagger with them in the tarps.  Of course, the sometimes animated dagger won’t be able to cut itself out of the wrapping of tarps, right?

After the party clears out the room, they loot the bodies of the dead adventurers.

Then they decide to clear out the first floor of the building.  They enter one of the doors leading off the great room, and find a short hallway with multiple doors.  Otto opens one of the doors, and in the dim light sees the floor move.  Otto sprints away, leaving Sue and Winnie to deal with a swarm of rats.

So the rats attack Winnie and Sue, Winnie launches up the wall, and the rats follow Winnie up the wall.  Now Mike, hearing that the rats are pursuing him up the wall says something like “you bastard” out loud.  I am convinced he was not meaning me, as the DM, but rather, he was talking to the dice gods.

The rats attack again and again.  Everyone but Gavin gets bit.  Otto headed for a location as far away as possible insuring his survival, at the possible cost of every other life in the party – which he was OK with, as Otto was a mercenary, and mercenaries need to survive to get paid in full.

Sue and Winnie proceed to try to stomp rats to kill the swarm off.  It takes several rounds to kill them off, Riverdance Style.

Personally, I thought that the Moonwalk would also work, but then, it is the player’s adventure.

Animated GIF’s are fun.

Anyhow, the Otto comes back to a slippery gut gore carpet treatment, which he is convinced won’t come out without a pretty major vacuum.  They proceed back into the hallway.  The room that the rats came out of appears to be a larder.  There are many shelves that are filled with rotten food.

There are footprints in the dust which appear to go from one door in this room out the door that they entered from.  They enter the door that leads out of the room and see a dark kitchen.

Inside the kitchen is a series of counters, pots, pans, etc… but on an island is a clean silver platter that includes a clean plate with rotten meat and bones, plus a clear goblet of red liquid.  Otto moves in to look at the platter, and the Party notices an almost ethereal white human like being with flowing white robes motion to them, making the finger over the lips “shh” motion.

Otto picks up the wine and drinks it.  It is the nastiest, most awful, horrible wine ever.  And the room erupts in chaos.  Six white garbed beings attack the party.  The party has no problem slaying the beings.  What is odd is that each being dies without making a sound.  The beings appear to be normal humans, covered in white paint.

There is nothing worthwhile in the room.

So the party goes back through the doors, through the pantry, and to the last door that they haven’t tried yet on this hallway.  This room appears to be a dormitory, recently used, with enough beds for all of the six innocent recently murdered people along with jars of white goop and white robes.  The party take the white robes, and Winnie proceeds to paint himself white.

In the room is also a small porcelain miniature of a pretty woman with a gold chain locked around her leg, and the other end of the chain wrapped around a small model of a bed.  A clue?  A possible piece of information?  Sue finds a small key for the small lock, and is in the process  of unlocking it when Otto smashes the figurine.

The party continues checking.  They look on the other side of the great hall, and find two rooms.  Each room appears to be set up for guests.  Large four post beds, nice furniture.  The first room includes two large mirrors on one wall.  The second room includes three scrolls written in other languages.  One is in Latin.  The other two have squiggly letters that no one understands, but Sue is convinced is Arabic.  Maybe Farsi, Aramaic, ancient Persian, shorthand,  maybe Urdu?

In any event, the scrolls are indecipherable to the party, but that doesn’t stop them from scooping them up.

The party then figures out that they have explored the entire first floor.  They go back and gather up the two mirrors and the dagger wrapped up in the tarp and go back to the village.