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Better late than never.  I have been painting minis and reading books and RPG stuff, instead of doing my duty to report on the latest RPG sessions.

This post is from last Thursday’s session, where once again, it was a packed table.  Mike, Loren, Jason, Matthew, Summer and Daron were there.  Eric was missing, once again.  He said something about something, but I got lost in the long explanation, and figured that he is probably guarding his stuff from his wife, who likely is getting ready for Garage Sale round 2.

So we met at Dice Age Games again.  We had another raucous session,  showing all of the other people at Dice Age that they should be playing DCC instead of more mundane games like Warhammer, Infinity, Bolt Action and others.  While all of those games are awesome, and it is cool that Dice Age has people playing all sorts of awesome games, we took over two tables, and showed everyone else how cool DCC was.

While people at other tables may have other opinions of what actually happened, this is my Blog, and I get to write what I want to.  Hence, the players at DCC were at the cool table.  If anyone else there wants to disagree, they can create their own blog to rant and rave, and build up their own egos on.  So there!

Anyhow, the party continued on with their Well of the Worm adventure.  This is a solid Level 1 DCC adventure.

The Party picked up in the mucus filled room, once again looking at the three dead zombies, along with the four dead humans still encased in the slime in the walls.

The circular portion of the floor that looked like it was breathing.  The slime rose and fell, almost like it was breathing.  Daron picked up one of the skulls and threw it onto the bubble, and the skull slowly pushed through the mucus slime and fell down.  It sounded like it dropped about 60 feet or so, but it was hard to tell, since the slime seemed to hold onto the skull as it lowered into the shaft.

Jason, being the thiefish type, dropped a rope down, and climbed down.  It was a slimy nasty mess, but he made it to the bottom of the shaft before his rope ended.  That is always good.

At the bottom of the shaft, he observed a very narrow tunnel, that was about 5 feet tall.  Lining the walls of the tunnel was a huge array of rusty weapons, each poking out to possibly gash an unaware party member…

Jason started down the path, and carefully avoided the nasty rusty sharp weapons.  The rest of the party came down the rope, and Jason continued down the hall.  He got about 40 feet, around a bend and the floor gave way under his feet, sliding down about 10-ft to a horrific chamber.  There were pools of red liquid with nasty worms swimming in it, and three zombies stirring the pools with long sticks.  The entire room stank of copper.  Jason was convinced that the pools were blood.  He also decided that the three zombies were not friendly, and he needed to get out of there.  He started scrambling up the slimy walls of the shaft, and was greeted by some friendly party members who wanted to know what was going on.  After Jason explained, ok, yelled at them, to get him out of there, they pulled him into the upper corridor.

The party looked down into the shaft, and didn’t see any zombies, nor did they see pools of blood.  Obviously, Jason was cracking, and not able to be relied upon.  They would have to watch him very closely.  Who knows what an irrational explorer will see?  Dragons instead of newts?  An army of ogres when you really have three starving goblins gnawing on moldy bones?

Anyhow, Daron moved forward and found a room full of boxes and barrels.  He walks in, and a rusty iron portcullis drops down isolating Daron in the room.  And, then bad things happen.  A large zombie attacks Daron, trying to swipe at him, missing, then spitting acid at Daron, with a direct hit.  The party moves forward, and Jason says to me “the portcullis is rusty, right, so it is weak, I am going to break it”.  Really?  how long has this party been playing with me?  An easy result?  No, rusty does not mean structurally weak.

So Daron and the zombie trade blows, eventually Daron kills the zombie, but not before Daron was hit by several acid spits.  Thankfully, there were two clerics in the party, and Daron was healed up.  Mike’s cleric botched a heal, which means that he is closer to the horrors of Cthulhu finding disfavor.  And we all know what happens when Cthulhu finds disfavor… OK, maybe we don’t know, but we can imagine it.  Tentacles, nasty tentacles, slimy, grabbing, maybe with some other deep ones helping out…

As the party explores the room, they find an exit with a rotting ladder dropping down into a room with three pools, filled with red liquid.  So the party starts down the ladders.  Luckilly for them, the ladder holds, and they arrive on the floor, which effectively is a catwalk over the pools.  The pools sure look like blood, and they are filled with wiggly little worms, and around the corner are three zombies with long sticks, stirring the pools.  Maybe Jason wasn’t crazy after all.

So the party automatically assumes that the zombies are bad, and decide slaughter them all.

This is where Loren tries to shine.  She says “Aha!, I am going to turn undead”.  So she tries, and fails.  I mean rolls a 1 fails.  She then rolls to determine what her fate is, and figures out that she needs to spend the next 10 minutes telling knock knock jokes to atone to her god.

After the party slaughters the poor zombies, they proceed to sit.  Now, when a group wants to sit, that means it is Wandering Monster time, right?  I mean, what possible reason would a good DM have for letting people rest up in a dungeon.

So Mike is sitting around, and finds that four spiders attack him.  Four big spiders.  Two bit him, and he passes his check, so he only loses strength temporarily.  Mike decides that he needs to get away from these horrible beasts.  So he dives into one of the pools of blood.  Yup, the hungry little worms go for him, and four enter his skin, trying to get deeper.  Mike jumps out, with four worms wiggling around, trying to get completely under his skin.

The Party decides to attack the spiders. Now spiders aren’t very tough, but they have a high AC.  They move fast.  It takes several rounds for the Party to kill two of the spiders.  Then Matthew shines.  He works some magic, and convinces the spider that the spider is Matthew’s friend.  The spider loves Matthew so much that he jumps up on Matthew’s shoulder, and then chitters as it nuzzles Matthew’s neck.  Matthew names the spider “Squishy”, and then Squishy shows how much he loves Matthew by ignoring all requests and commands.  Squishy just chitters, nuzzles and wants noting else.

Then the Party kills the last spider, leaving Squishy for Matthew.

Meanwhile, Mike prays to Cthulhu to kill the horrible worms trying to enter him.  Mike invokes his Patron, and succeeds.  Cthulhu reaches out with his noodly tentacle and touches Mike, killing the worms, but leaving them partially in place.  Now Mike is convinced that this is divine providence.  Since now, he has four little dead worms sticking out of his legs, which look remarkably like tentacles.  Loren, the other cleric offers to help, but Mike is pretty stoked about his new tentacles and declines the help.

Jason takes off again, looking down the hall.  He enters a room with a huge picture of a demon with a long tongue, and a trickle of blood coming out of the mouth, and into a pool, where there are more of the horrible little worms.  Every now and then, a small worm spews out of the mouth and slides into the pool.

The party comes forward, and sees that there is a table with offerings.  This includes three vials, a pile of coins, and a long sword.  The Party starts asking “what are the potions?”  and “is the sword magical?” and “How much money is there”.  Now as a DM, I only described that there were three vials.  So I ask if anyone has an ability to detect what sort of potions they are… no.  Then I ask if they have anyone who can determine if the sword is magical or not.  No.  To the money, they will have to approach the table and see what the pile consists of.

Ahh, greed.  The party approaches and tries to get the stuff off the table, and the demon fresco spews acid on several of them.  They got the loot, still don’t know if the loot is magical or not, but they also got hurt.  That meant that they had to risk bad juju magic and clerical stuff to see if they could sucessfully heal…

The night ended as I rolled a dice, and counted off the players, and Mike got a sword in the back.  Mike says “Why me?”  Now randomness is randomness.  Nothing personal, Mike…