So Saturday’s game included Mike, Loren, Eric, Gavin and Brian.  Brian is a newcomer to this particular session.  Brian decided that he wanted to also be a simian.  Brian’s great ape is called Gordo, and is smart, as opposed to dexterous.  He also has the ability to psionically stun people.  Now the fund of this is that everyone in the blast radius must make a save, or be shaken.  Friend, and foe.

So we all met at Dice Age again, and Brian made up his character.  He originally wanted to have more powers, but realized that he had 10 points of power to use during the game, but only one effective ability…  He originally thought that he had 10 points to spend on abilities, which made him seriously OP.  Brian rejigged his character sheet to make him a good entry level character.


Eric showed up with Boo, maybe it was Beau, the brother of Baa.  Mike was concerned about Eric’s psyche, after Eric purchased a new mini to represent Baa in the game, and Baa died.  Eric was very unhappy.  I didn’t help by giving him bubble wrap, but Mike came to the rescue, and gave Eric a new mini, which Eric uses for Boo, Beau, Buu, or whatever the current pronunciation is.

In the background, you can see me, smiling and clasping my hands in glee, knowing that I get to crush another character!...  err, I mean, am ready to have lots of fun with the party.

So the party started out Saturday’s adventure.  They were well rested from clearing out the lower level.  I spent some time recapping what had happened up to date to let Brian know the background, along with Eric, who was too busy protecting his stuff from his wife’s yard sale, along with the horrifying aspect of removing the best part of games, then selling them incomplete to unsuspecting people at the same yard sale.  Now, Eric said, the games were only a quarter or 50 cents, but that is not the point.  It is seriously uncool to purchase a game, even for a quarter, and find out that the uber cool 3 sided die is gone.  Now it doesn’t matter that you can simply use a d6, and modify the roll.  This type of evil explains why as a DM, I need to focus on killing off Eric’s character, to teach him life lessons about the irrational cruelty of the world…  err, why the party seems to enjoy the challenges that I provide them.

The party discusses what to do with the fancy dagger that they saw.  Winnie takes the dagger and investigates it, knowing that there must be magic.  He rolls a 1 and a 2 on investigation.  He determines that the red rubies set in the dagger handle and sheath are actually diamonds, but they are red because of the blood.  Gordo was concerned also, so he investigated the phone.  Gordo also rolled a 1 and 2 on investigation, and he determined that not only was it blood that caused the diamonds to look like rubies, it was ape blood, and someone used this dagger to ritually murder monkeys and apes.  It was cursed, and no simian would ever touch it again.

So Otto takes the dagger.  He figures that it must be special, since (a) it attacked the party as though it was magical, (b) it was not made of steel, the metal glimmered brighter than steel, and (c) the ape / demons didn’t want it.  That didn’t mean that Otto was very happy about this dagger.  He was concerned that it might come to life and attack him.  What to do, what to do…

So the party goes off to the Castle again.  Otto decided that it was most reasonable to ditch the dagger in a bush near the entrance.  Now here is the deal.  Otto cached the dagger, and I wasn’t going to tell him about it.  If he didn’t tell me that he was going to pick it up when he left the castle, he was not going to get it back.  Guess what…  He didn’t tell me that he was going to pick it up when he left…He forgot… If he doesn’t read this blog, then he is not getting it back.  I write this blog for a reason.  If the players don’t want to read the blog, that is OK.  The dagger is the key to being able to… oh yeah, the Party hasn’t gotten there yet, so I won’t talk about it here..  Am I being truthful?  hmmm.

As the party enters the castle, they find that the front door is still broken down, and in the great room, there are four relatively freshly rotting corpses, the ones from last week’s entry into the castle.  The great room also has a large squishy gooey area where there are remnants of fur, small bones, entrails, blood, muscle and little whiskers.  Gordo looks confused.  Sue explains that this was where the Riverdance occurred over the rat swarm last week.

The party climbs up the stairs, and to Otto’s relief, the dagger doesn’t come flying in to cut him up.  At the top of the stairs, the see a balcony that runs all the way around the 2nd floor of the great room.  There are piles of bones all over the balcony.  The bones start to rattle around.  Sue is convinced that there is something going on here.  As Winnie starts stomping on the bones, he feels a sharp pain in his ankle, looks down and sees a skeletal hand grasping his ankle, and it hurts, a lot.  So Winnie climbs up the wall, pulling a fully intact skeleton with him.  Chaos ensues.  Skeletons rise from the piles of bones, and attack.

The party, true to form, doesn’t try to parley, or discuss the situation with the residents of the home that they are invading.  Instead they go into full murdilate mode.  The brave skeletons willingly give their lives to protect what is theirs, but the party doesn’t care.  There has to be loot somewhere in here, maybe something they can fence at the local pawn shop to sell the ill gotten loot at.  The poor skeletons should have gotten themselves some home defense training.

But now that they are truly dead, instead of being undead, there is nothing left to train, just some dusty piles of bones, as the Party continues on with their rage infused attacks on helpless home owners.

After the party kills off the skeletons, the first thing that Sue asks is if there is any treasure.  Nope.  They were just skeletons, defending their home.

So the Party continues their search of the home, looking for anything of value that they can pawn.  They open one door, and Winnie and Gordo enter.  Gordo misses his agility roll, and falls through the floor into a storeroom below.  Gordo comes back up the stairs, and Boo and Gordo go in the next room.  The floor is springy here, and Boo  is careful.  Gordo, thinking this falling through the floor thing is fun, bounces on the springy floor, and makes his agility roll, but Boo doesn’t.  Boo goes crashing through the floor as Gordo leaps back out into the hallway.  Gordo likes the home invasion, killing, thievery along with destroying private property.  He will go far in this gang, I figure.

The Party clears out several other rooms.  There is little of value.  Anything that might have been of value has rotted away.

As they approach one room, they hear  a scraping sound on the floor inside the room.  They try the door, and it is locked.  Different party members try to break down the door, and have no luck.  Boo is very upset, since he tried to break down the door with his d12 strength die, and ended up rolling something like a 23 for a strength roll, and nothing happened.  Well, the book did say that the door was magically warded, and no amount of breaking down the door would work, only the key would work.

So the party goes and looks for a key to the door.  They find it in a once well furnished room, likely the Baron’s bedroom.  The key is warm.  Really warm.  As they walk the key over to the locked door, it gets cold, colder, and even super cold.  Otto puts the key into the keyhole, and turns it, and the door opens with a blast of freezing cold air.

Inside, they see a corpulent shimmering entity, with a gold chain around her ankle, going back to the bed.  She rises and approaches the door, dragging the chain with her.

As she moves forward, she opens her mouth and screams silently.  The horror of it all unhinges the party members, who all fail on their guts check.  Most everyone flees in terror for one round.

Boo recovers and comes in and swings at the ghost with his longsword.  He ends up rolling an 18, and I tell Boo that nothing happens.  Boo says “What, I should get to roll for damage with that type of roll”.  I explain that he missed.  The ghostly form parts around his sword, and she turns and faces him, and screams silently again.  Now things get interesting.  Boo rolls so high on the terror table that he has a heart attack.  Luckily for Boo, it isn’t fatal.  But it does take him out of the action for a while.

Between all of the silent screams, most of the Party members start taking phobias.  Sue is permanently afraid of cows, and body odor.  Winnie is permanently afraid of beds, and must take a -2 to any roll when there is a bed in sight.  Things like that.

Otto knows what he must do.  He must do what he is best at.  Going for reinforcements. Yeah, that is what we are going to call it.  Otto books it out of there faster than can be seen.  There is a reason why Otto is a mercenary, and has lived as long as he has.  He is really good at going for reinforcements.

Finally, the party figures out how to kill off the ghost.  The gold chain that binds her is the key.  They hack at the gold chain, between being given new phobias.  Boo tries to slash at the chain, but rolls a double 1.  Boo’s sword flies across the room, and sticks into the stone wall.  Boo is out for two rounds as he runs across the room, removes the sword, and then runs back into the fight.

The ghost is finally vanquished.  The final defender of the home invasion is dead.

And Sue asks “what about the treasure”.

I get a finger wag when I explain that all there is is the gold chain, which is fine enough that it could be worn as a necklace.