The party continued on last Thursday.  Jeremy showed up, then he left soon after.  Not sure why, maybe he was concerned about his 2 hit point halfling…

The party went back to town in the previous episode. They were tired, and wanted their beauty sleep.  Well, they also needed to lick their wounds and come back with restored spells.

So they went to the inn and pounded on the door until the bedraggled innkeeper woke up, and angrily let them in.  It seems that he had a bad attitude, because the party woke him up at 2 AM, and he needed to normally wake up at 4 AM to prepare breakfast for the inn.  For some reason, he was upset because they woke him up early, and he has troubles getting back to sleep.

After the party finds their rooms, they sleep until noon.  They come down, and the innkeeper still has a major attitude about the night’s follies.  He mostly shows the party his backside, but here is a good picture of how the grumpy innkeeper looks.  Personally, I would have painted more grime on his apron…

Image result for grumpy innkeeper

The party eats, and then regroups and goes out to the site of last night’s horrors.  The carnival is gone.  They are able to follow the big floppy clown feet impressions in the ground to the next town.

Since the party got such a late start, they arrived in town after dark.  Towards dusk, they were walking along the road, which bisected a graveyard.  The ground around the graveyard was swampy.  The party noticed some dark shadows lurking around the gravestones.  The swampy ground would not allow them to take their cart around the graveyard.

As the party entered the road section that bisected the graveyard, they were attacked by eight humanoid looking beings that smelled horrible.  Summer says “Oh, Ghouls”.  I ask her if her character had ever experienced ghouls, and warned the players not to metagame.

Image result for ghouls

It turns out that it didn’t matter.  Bad things happened.  Summer was paralyzed pretty quickly, and the party watched two ghouls try to drag her off.  Loren tried to turn undead, which failed.  I tried to get her to consider whether she would believe these critters were undead, since her attempt failed.  Does that mean that she believes she failed, or that the critters were not undead?  She was having none of that.

It didn’t matter, since one critter attacked Loren and made a successful strike.  It did one damage, but Loren failed her will save, so she was down.  The party went down slowly.  They were rolling really poorly, and in the end, only Mike and Daron were still up.  They killed off the last of the bad guys.  At one point, a critter bit Mike successfully.  Mike asked if the critter would have bit his lead stump of his arm.  I asked Mike to make a luck roll.  He made it.

Luck rolls in DCC are opposite to the regular rolls.  You want to roll under your luck score.  Most rolls you want to roll high.  Luck is roll low.  Mike is good at rolling low, and he made his luck roll.

With four of the six party members paralyzed by ghoul bites, Mike and Daron toss the incapacitated members onto the cart and continue on down the road, following the floppy feet trail to the next town, which they arrive at after dark.

They arrive in town just as the people there are realizing that all of their children are gone.  It is a tragic scene.  People are running around screaming “Johnny, where are you?” and such things.  The calloused worn first level party members are unaffected.  They just want to know where the carnival is.  One would think that they would stop and inform the town that they are there to help, and they have been chasing this carnival for days, trying to release the children stolen from other towns, but no, they get right to work, trying to end this nightmare.

Entering the carnival in the third town, it looks like the damage that they did to the carnival in previous towns is still the same.  The tent with the penny arcade is still a burned out hulk of tent and poles.  The lights over the Bearded Lady are extinguished, with  a sign saying “Coming Soon, New Freaks!”  They notice many of the same things that they tried before, but go after the roller coaster.

As the party approaches the roller coaster, they find themselves between two tents, and see a goofy clown with a box that has a T handle on top of it, along with two strings leading from the box somewhere else.  The clown says “oopsie” and presses the handle into the box, and bad things happen.

Image result for clown and bomb

The ground opens up beneath the party in an explosion of colorful confetti, and the party falls down into a cavern.  In the cavern are three carts on a track.  The track is made of bones.  The carts are made of bones with human skin stretched out to form the shell of the cart.  The seats are covered with human scalps.

The party doesn’t want to get in, but another explosion happens, and there are two choices.  Get in the carts, or be buried alive.  The party jumps into the carts.  The ride takes off as the cave crumbles down around the party.  The ride is thrilling.  It builds up speed and twists and turns, and rises to insane heights followed by dramatic drops.  Everyone except this person is exhilarated by the ride.

Image result for terrible splash mountain pictures

As the party rides the bone coaster towards the top of one massive rise, they hear screeching sounds, and see monkeys with strange tails riding balloons dropping towards the cart that the party is in.

The monkeys attack.  They have scorpion tails.  As wild as the attack is, they are not particularly tough.  The party kills all but two of the monkeys, but not before one of them successfully jabs his scorpion tail into Summer, paralyzing her for a short while.

The ride comes crashing into the station like a runaway freight train.  As they crash in, the two living scorpion tail monkeys flee away.  The party finds a broken corpse of a man, who has a red clown nose on his nose, a deflated balloon tied to one wrist, and a shattered lantern tied to his other wrist.  Eric searches the body, and finds a leather bag with three darts in it.  Eric wants to know if they are something special… something magical.  For some reason, everyone wants to know if something has special powers, but no one has the ability to sense the powers.  I am tempted to give them false information just for some fun…

The party leaves the bone coaster, weary and wary.  Loren talks about how the adventure is a railroad…  Yes, Loren is back with her snark and wit.  She was missed last week.  Robert didn’t make it, unfortunately.  Summer and Daron, newlyweds are back.  They still emanate wedded bliss.  Mike is back with his Cthulhu box.  Eric is there with his big box of dice, none of which want to help him roll well.  I keep telling Eric that he can go get new dice from Roy.  Roy has lots of nice new dice in search of forever homes.

After considering their options, the party decides to go to a nice looking house, on a hill behind the bone coaster.

Image result for bates motel

The building is a nice Gothic looking structure.  Loren says “Isn’t that…” and then stops.  On the front of the building is a large clown head.  Eric tries the door.  It is unlocked.  The party enters the door and finds themselves in a long hallway.  The hallway walls are tubelike, and are spinning.  There are no handrails in this hallway.

Image result for spinning tube carnival

Once the party enters, they turn around and look, and find that the door they entered via is gone, and is replaced by a giant maniacal clown head who leers at them

Image result for maniacal clown

Then the clown head blows noxious green gas at the party, and the party rushes down the tube to get away from the stinking green gas.  At the end of the hallway is a circular staircase, leading down.  As the party descends, they are assaulted by a horrific smell.  The smell is a combination of rotting flesh, offal, along with rotting food and excrement.

At the bottom of the stairs is a small room, filled with fresh and fully rotted corpses, along with piles of other refuse and Bobo, the two headed clown.

Loren slips on her +1 clown nose.

Image result for two headed clown

Bobo is holding two severed heads and they are having a nice conversation talking to each other.  These heads are relatively fresh.  Bobo is laughing and giggling, obviously enjoying the play acting with the two victim’s heads.

Eric picks up a head, and tosses it playfully at Bobo.  Bobo squeals with delight, drops the heads he is playing with, and catches the head that Eric tossed.  Enthused, Bobo tosses the head back at Eric, but Eric misses the catch.  Eric picks up another head, but this one isn’t so fresh…  Bobo catches that and giggles, and tosses it back.  This one smacks Eric on the thigh, and leaves a smear of blood, gore and other rotten flesh on Eric’s pants.

The rest of the party is too busy trying not to throw up from the stench and horror in the room.  Daron spies a nice small statue of a unicorn, and touches it.  Daron is teleported to another dimension, and sees the unicorn for real.   The unicorn answers many questions for Daron.  Then teleports Daron back.  I am not explaining what Daron was told, because before Daron can inform the party, Bobo attacks Daron in a fit of rage, since Daron touched Bobo’s favorite possession.

Bobo didn’t stand a chance.  He attacks, but doesn’t do so well.  Eric backstabbed Bobo several times.  Bobo was murdered for protecting his property from home invaders.

All Bobo needed was a gun, and some NRA training, and he probably would have been safe.

Image result for home invasion

but no, the party went on like a gang looking for something to fence.

Daron wants to runs some more of his Pathfinder campaign, so we will likely have a few weeks respite from me running DCC.