So I really like the group that I game with.  It is some level of work to prep for running the game, but the people are awesome.  We enjoy sitting around and BS’ing along with gaming.  That is the best type of gaming, where you really like the people.

Mike took it to a new level this week.  He was bit by a cannibal a couple of sessions ago.  Now in War of the Dead, if you are bit by a zombie, it depends on how bad the wound is to how long it takes to turn.  I am still calling the zombies cannibals, because the players know that they are zombies, but the characters themselves don’t know what a zombie is.  They just figure that the crazy cannibals are hopped up on PCP, since they don’t react normally to being shot, stabbed, knocked down…  You can do a devastating shot in the chest which would kill a normal person, but this person gets back up and tries to eat you.  One cannibal that the party dealt with ended up having both arms chopped off, and the cannibal kept coming back for more.  They ended up breaking the neck of the cannibal, and that stopped it from coming back for more, but the head kept snapping its mouth at any nearby person.

Additionally, when these cannibals receive what should be a grievous wound, they don’t spurt blood.  The blood appears to have partially coagulated already, and is mucusy.

The medic in the party finds this rather odd.

The rules in War of the Dead have some sense as to how true humans turn to zombies, based on how many wounds they take.

If a player is bitten by a zombie, and takes:

  • Three wounds in one attack, they immediately die, and rise again as a zombie in 1d6 minutes.
  • Two wounds in one attack, they are wounded, and will die in 1d12 hours and turn after that.
  • One wound in one attack, they are wounded and will die in 1.20 weeks and turn after that.

The character is infected, even if the wounds are healed.  In Mike’s case, he was able to get healed, and then continued to play without the negatives added to his roll for wounds, but he was still infected, and would turn.  Mike took two wounds in one attack and was unable to chip any of the wounds, so he would die within a number of hours.  Mike is a seasoned RPG player, so I let him roll the die, and play it out as he wanted.

Earlier, Colin took three wounds in one attack and dropped like a sack of potatoes and then rose up and attacked his own party… That was how Mike got wounded.  He and Sue were trying to help the stricken Colin, and all of a sudden, Colin popped up and started biting.  This is where the fickle hand of fate rolled the dice.  Sue was a EMT, Mike was a former Army medic.  They were both trying to help Colin, and were both juicy targets…  I rolled the simple even / odd, to see who Colin would attack, then let Colin play the zombie from there on until he was killed for good.  Now that was the first session of War of The Dead.  Colin came back to the next session as a ex football player who never made it past college ball.  Not too smart, didn’t get a degree, he actually flunked out of college after the college used his services.  It was a tragedy.  He had a scholarship to play football, but after the conference rules determined that the player could only play four seasons, they pushed him out.

Anyhow, I am digressing again.

So Mike is enjoying himself.  He has been playing the bitten character and he comes to the session with some Halloween makeup on his arm, showing his wound is now festering.  20161015_125034

Mike casually reaches across the table and gets a great reaction from Eric and Brian.


Everyone else also had a great reaction, but I could only get the one photo.

Mike then brings out a rag that he had been quietly coughing into, and as the session went on, he made more nasty coughs, and eventually coughs and hacks really nastily, and turns the rag over to show bloody sputum in the rag… things were definitely getting worse for Mike.

Anyhow, onto the adventure for last week.

The overall book is supposed to be worked out into short adventures that are one session per chapter.  So far, the party has been taking it off the rails as much as possible, so in the first three sessions, we have managed to finish two chapters.  That is all good.  They seem to be having fun, even if their characters are dying a lot.

So the session starts out where it left off last week.  The paramilitary people strip the body of the dead black ops guy of any weapons and useful things, then jog off to the ship’s bridge.  The party decides to strip the body armor and the helmet off the dead guy.

First Eric makes a health check on the dead guy.  The guy is really dead.  Then Mike, being a former Army medic comes over and also checks.  Mike rolls double one’s.  There are lots of ways that this could play out, but I decided that Mike mistakenly placed his thumb over the artery he was checking ,and felt his own pulse, not the dead guy’s pulse.

Sue, comes over and as an EMT confirms that the dead guy is dead.  Then the dead guy starts to get up.  Eric wants nothing to do of this, and pulls out his gun to shoot the guy in the face.  Mike, concerned that Eric has lost it and is now summarily executing people tries to grapple Eric.  Eric throws Mike into a wall, stunning him.  Then Eric shoots the rising spec ops guy in the face.  It is a big ugly mess.  The gunshot to the face creates a nasty mess.  Everyone makes a vigor check, and several people lose their lunch.  Eric takes the Kevlar hemet which is now full of brain matter and goo, and casually wipes it out and puts it on.  It appears that we have a warrior priest here.  Eric is not too worried about the fact that the back of the helmet has a 9 mm sized hole through the Kevlar, nor that there is drying goo in the helmet.

Sue, being a medic wants to make a medic check to see if the brain matter is normal.  After all, she keeps seeing wounds that should have massive bleeding coming out of the cannibals, but there is no liquid blood.  Everything is thick, black and nasty.

Now the lighting isn’t good here.  It is the engine room, and the red emergency lights are on, not the standard lighting.  Sue rolls poorly, so she can’t see what is going on well enough to determine if the brain matter which was sprayed all over the area is normal or not.

The party decides that it is time to go to the bridge and confront Captain Romero about this.  They climb the stairs from the engine room to the bridge.  Just as they get near the top, they hear two things.  From behind them they hear moaning.  Not nice moaning, like you might expect from a bedroom, this moaning has a hunger, causing fear.  Now one of the players, who will remain anonymous on this blog  commented that they might be the same.  This derailed some game play as people wondered what that person was doing in their bedroom that caused a zombie like moan, as opposed to a moan of pleasure… I for one didn’t want to know too many details.  What happens behind closed doors with two or more consenting adults is ok as far as I am concerned.

Anyhow, the party was up to the door of the bridge, and heard moaning of horror and hunger behind them, and a closed door in front.  Then they heard automatic gunfire and screaming from the bridge.  Opening the door, they found mass pandemonium on the bridge.


There are several black ops guys in the bridge spraying automatic gunfire around at the cannibals.  They are shooting center mass, so the shots are particularly ineffective.  From behind, the party hears more cannibals coming up the stairs.  The party remembers that these cannibals are not particularly agile, and trip over things.  They also haven’t seen any of them open doors.  They seem to just blindly wander into things, and will trip over easy things to step over.  Eric takes the block and tackle from Colin and runs down the stairs, and ties the rope around the handrails several times, to provide a simple barrier to anyone trying to come up the stairs.

Things are going poorly for the spec ops guys.  They are shooting, but not killing anyone.

The party finally decides to become big ass heroes, and attacks the cannibals.  Things don’t go so well.  Shari decides to run out onto the deck on the outside of the bridge, and attack one of the cannibals on the deck.  It doesn’t work so well, she slips and falls on her butt.

That actually works out well for Shari, because just as she does that, two cannibals attack one of the spec ops guys and he is bitten, and drops a grenade onto the floor of the bridge.  Things are bad.  Really bad.  I deal out action cards, and have a Jack of Hearts… that is when the grenade goes off.  Two people get actions first, and duck.  Then the grenade goes off.  Luckilly, the grenade only clears out cannibals, not any good guys, but it got the party nervous, except for Shari.  After all, she was outside the Bridge, on her butt, below the blast area.  The grenade goes off, and blows out the windows.


The remaining cannibals attack the party within the bridge.  Things go bad.  Eric is bitten receives three wounds and can’t chip them.  He drops and rises one minute later.  He attacks.  When he turns, he randomly decides that he will attack Kirkman, the useless NPC.  Kirkman takes a wound and then bravely runs away, leaving the party to their own devices.


The party ends up clearing out the zombies, then kills risen Eric, then Mike turns.  and then the party kills off Mike.20161015_160717

Now I was hoping that both Mike and Eric would be zombies at the same time, but no.  Mike left the bridge, and went over to Sue and had a coughing fit.  I think that Mike was hoping to infect Sue on the deck of the ship.  Sue decides to vamoose away from the hacking veteran.  Mike actually looked disappointed, as he seems to have planned this all out.

Anyhow, the party questions the Colonel, the spec ops guy.  All they get from him is that:

  • No, the cannibals were not part of the mission
  • They were to seize the ship and sink it after the people got off.
  • Everything else was classified.

Enough for this week.

Next week is Car Wars!!!!!!!