So today was all about Car Wars. We ran an arena game with a $5,000 limit on vehicles.  I bought two basic motorcycles.  Eric, Colin and Shari made up the rest of the away team.  Roy had the home team, with 4 vehicles.  Roy drafted Richard to help run two of his 4 home team.

Roy chose the Southtown arena, we all started in.  It wasn’t too exciting for the first second or two of the arena, but, the fans got lots for their money in seconds 3 through 12.

First, Eric had to show his general personality for the camera…

Then we got down to some grudge match stuff.  Roy had simple cars with flame throwers on one side each.  His yellow car here is passing Colin’s car.  Roy has a flame thrower on his right side only. Colin chose a flame thrower on the back, and two one shot missiles in the front.  Roy smokes Colin from the side, then Colin smokes the back end of Roy’s car in the next phase.  My two bikes are coming in for some fun also.

The flame throwers leave smoke.  Colin rushes out licking his wounds.  I chase after Roy. I have micromissile launcher, but shooting at this range through smoke is pretty much an automatic miss.

The blue bike fires and misses Roy’s car, then swings off to do something else.  The red bike shoots at the same time Roy fires his side flame thrower at me.  Both of us hit.  Roy does six damage to my bike, but thankfully, I don’t catch fire.  I do 1 damage to Roy.  The micro missiles are pretty weak, but I am a light cycle.

Things go from bad to worse.  Roy and I fire at each other again.  We are both moving slower than a granny with a walker by this point.  He kills my power plant with another flame blast.  I shoot him again with a micro missile.  This one does damage him, but he is still alive.  His flame weapon is dead, and his driver has been hit with damage, but he can still drive.  My blue bike is putting away.  I need to kill Roy next turn, or he can drive through me.

Success.  I didn’t kill Roy’s driver, but I knocked him out.  I could have murdilated the driver, but I figured that I now had the pink slip to the salvage rights to his car…  I didn’t want yo kill him and risk destroying more of the car.  After this, I swung the red cycle around and backed up on the green hulk for cover. After all, the red bike’s power plant was shot, but I can still launch missiles.

On the other end of the board, Eric, with the orange car ar the left side of the picture is being followed by Richard in the VW Bug.  Eric has front guns, Richard has a spike thrower. Eric pooped out several oil slicks to harry Richard.  Roy’s second yellow car is looking to attack Colin, who is off the picture to the right.  Shari is the large blue cat, heading for Richard’s other little blue car.

Things get complicated for Eric.  Richard’s bug flings spikes in front of Eric’s orange car.  Eric takes severe tire damage, and scoots off with damaged wheels pooping out more oil.

Richard misses his own spikes, goes straight through the oil, so no great challenge there.  Eric poops out more oil.  Richard gets through the oil in this picture, straightens out and throws another spike bomb at Eric, and Eric destroys his tires, turning his car into an immobile pill box.  Unfortunately for Eric, he has no turret.  Richard goes through the oil in this pictur behind Eric’s car and fishtails into the arena wall.  This crash into the wall did minimal damage, since Richard’s bug was going slow.  Richard then went on to the center of the arena for more mayhem.

Meanwhile, Shari and Richard’s second vehicle were in a grudge match.  Shari T-bones Richard, then shoves him around.  She shoots missiles and rakes him with her bumper spikes.  I didn’t get more pictures, but Shari ended up blitzing Richard.  He sustained fire damage and exploded.  It was not pretty.  This was Shari’s first game of Car Wars, and this kill seemed to fulfill some deep seated need for her…

Shari was left with the confetti of Richard’s vehicle after it blew up from uncontrolled fire. Unfortunately there was no salvage value here.

So Colin and Roy get into it in the center of the arena.  It was pretty much a grind to see who died first.  Colin kept rolling 1’s.  Roy kept maneuvering so he could blast Colin with his flamethrower. It all ended with Colin abandoning his vehicle because it was on fire. Colin tried to run for a berm and hopeful Safety.  Then Richard’s bug came rumbling in, and Colin ran back to the safety of his burned hulk of his car.  Surprisingly Colin’s car still ran.

A little dice shaming for Colin.  He kept rolling like he was playing GURPS.  He literally rolled double ones on two successive shots.  The sustained fire bonus doesn’t help with snake eyes.  When he rolled the second set of snake eyes, he disappears for a short while.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to go buy some new dice, or go and get a hammer to shatter these bad boys.

It ended up ith lots of wrecked cars. Shari came to help me after I killed Roy’s second car.  Then Richard ran away to the exit. His gun was destroyed and all he had left was ramming.

Long story, a lot of fun.  We spent about five hours playing a game that lasted about 12 seconds real time.  I claimed two kills.  I let the rest of the team soften the bad guys up a bit, and then I finished them off.  Lots of fun.  Next week, we play some Zombicide.