So my son wanted the Warhammer 40 K Kill Team box for the rules and Tau. He didn’t want the Space Marines.  So I went in half on the box with him.  After all, I love painting minis, and had no Space Marines.

So I thought about how to paint these dudes.  I landed on Hello Kitty pink.  Now normally, I lightly hit minis with primer.  In this case, the GW minis had good definition and I wanted to paint them pink.  I completely covered the GW grey with white primer.

A note on these minis.  I have bought a fair amount of GW minis.  These are the most disappointing GW minis I have dealt with.  There were a lot of mold lines that needed TLC on.  The sprue connectors were on fully visible parts of the arms.  The layout of the sprues was obviously to maximize the number of parts per sprue, and to make the sprue as flat as possible.  Now I get it.  The same number of pieces on more sprues equals more material, larger boxes, more shipping costs…  but that assumes that you aren’t starting with a very cheap plastic to make the sprues… and the boxes aren’t thin cheap cardboard… and the minis aren’t stupidly expensive.

Anyhow, here is a shot of fully assembled minis being primed.

The color selection was pretty straightforward. My daughter bought a bottle of P3 Carnal Pink to paint a unicorn mini a couple of years ago.  She joked with me that I would never use it again.  I have used it a little to paint gore on zombies.  It looks pretty bood as a base gut color when it is inkwashed. The guns took a while to figure out the color.  I originally wanted to paint them black.  I decided P3 Murderous Magenta was the color to go with.

Another shot of the based minis.

The minis then got inkwashed with Army Painter Red Tone.  After they dried, I drybrushed the same pink as the base coat.

The weapons got inkwashed with Army Painter Strong Tone.  The drybrushing always ends up leaving flecks of color that need touching up.  Note the pink on the jet pack for the guy on the left.  I usually end up touching that up with the base.  If it is done right, it ends up looking like a highlight.

Finished product.  The helmet eyes are P3 Necrotite Green.  The bases were painted Citadel Screaming Skull, then covered with Citadel Agrellan Earth technical paint.  The Agrellan Earth is a nice technical paint texture that leaves a crackle, kind of like a dried up lake bed. I paint the contrasting tan first, so the darker crackle shows a color difference

While painting the faces on the unhelmeted heads, I realized they looked like drag queens. Then I thought, “it fits”. So I didn’t get too worked up about dulling the details

Here is another shot of the Kill Team squad.

I looked for little Hello Kittystickers to use on their shoulders.  We used to have a Sanrio store nearby in Lloyd Center in Portland. When my daughter was younger, we went there somewhat regularly.  She is almost 16 now, so we haven’t gone for several years now.  Unfortunately it is closed now.  I tried a couple of Beauty Supply stores.   Figured Sanrio must have little stickers for kid’s nails.  I found the hologram hearts that I put on their right shoulder.

I hand painted Hello Kitty on their left shoulders.  I am almost 50 now.  My hands are not as steady as they used to be.  My vision is not as good.  I wish I still had the rock steady hands I had 30 years ago, but I don’t.  I did my best freehand   If you don’t like it, look away. 😀

Another shot of the Kill Team.  Half of the guys have a purple hologram heart on their right shoulder, the other half have a pink hologram heart.  That way, you could divide the squad as necessary

End result.  These guys were a lot of fun.  They took me about four or five hours over a week to do.