So today was Zombicide again and a game of Elder Sign.  We all picked our characters.  Shari chose Wanda, the roller skating waitress.  Actually, Shari was having a kind of crummy day at work on Thursday. I told her that she could be Wanda…  I had played Wanda last week.  Shari perked up, knowing she would be able to skate around the game board.  Our boss overheard our conversation and asked what Wanda was.  Between Shari and me, we tag teamed a pretty poor explanation to our boss, whose eyes glazed over.  Now, if we were talking quilting, Carolyn would have been all over it.  Miniatures, dice and zombies seemed to not be her thing.  Carolyn did say her son would like this type of thing, so there is hope!  👹

Anyhow, we all met and selected our characters.  Eric took Josh, who had the added ability to jump.  Collin took Amy.  I took Rick, err Phil.  We were playing with the Ultimate Survivors box.  This box allows for the players to arc the minis through several games.  The box comes with six new sculpts of the original box minis along with revised character cards and a big deck of cards with the base items on the big cards.

The new character tableau cards have some new abilities listed.  Like the other comments I have mave made about Guillotine Games / Cool Mini or Not games, there were terms for the new attributes on the tableau cards not defined in the skimpy rule sheet.  There was a PDF on the Interwebs that provided the definitions.  The Ultimate Survivors box also has a deck of cards which is used to allow the players to keep specific scavenged items from one game to the next.  Now, not all the cards from the search deck can be kept.  The awesome stuff like the Evil Twins, unlimited ammo and other good stuff isn’t included in the deck, so they must be refound on each game.  The cards do allow the players to take a limited number of items forward from game to game, with some rules.  

The player tableau card has a tracker that the players use to track kills.  Using the Ultimate Survivor rules, the number of kills in a game may help the player retain an item to the next game.  The tracker has four colors blue, yellow, orange and red.  When the player kills more than 7 zombies, the kill tracker goes from blue to yellow.  This means that the zombies now spawn at a nastier rate.  With the Ultimate Survivors rules, the first time that the character goes to the next higher color, the player gets to retain one item from their inventory at the next game. Now, sometimes, you don’t have awesome stuff.  For example, I got Ma’s shotgun, but that isn’t an item I can be carried forward.  Since Rick… err Phil already starts with a shotgun, it doesn’t make much sense to keep my shotgun card.  

In the game today, no one wanted to clear out a bunch of rooms, so we didn’t have a lot of good loot to keep.

The other thing that is suckilly typical of Guillotine Games is that the cards in the Ultimate Survivors rules don’t match the stats in the weapons cards in the base game.  The Survivors box cards had different stats.  Really?  Is it that hard to get some consistency here?

Anyhow, we set up Scenario 2 from the base box. 

Our mission is to get from one corner to another corner.  Simple enough.  If we just run, but who wants to do that?  There are zombies to kill, rooms to investigate.  Mayhem to cause….

Two turns into the game, and we pull an abomination.  Drat and double drat.  We need a weapon that can kill by dealing 3 points of damage in one hit.  Not three singles.  One three. At least it is slow.

We actually were pretty lucky here in this game.  For some reason we didn’t pull a lot of runners until we had played quite a while.  Same as fatties.  Now the fatties spawn with two walkers, and the fatties need to be killed by a weapon that does two damage.

We decide to clear out the central group of buildings.  This actually is a good plan.  The Party breaks down one door, then systematically clears out the rooms.  This gives us a base of operations for several rounds as the baddies lurch and shamble around.  We also have several Kill zones where we can kill, drop back and support each other against the tide of zombies.

Clearing out the center room.  We were still in the blue zone, so there weren’t a lot of monsters to spawn. 

Clearing out the room with shotguns cause noise.  This makes the abomination and he’s friends move back. 

Decisions, decisions.  

We need to kill enough so we each move into the yellow zone, so we lure them in, then kill them and move away.

Working together, we clear out the bad guys.

And, they keep coming. 

Now things are getting challenging. The board is getting crowded. 

We are getting close to the end.  We need to make a fast exit.  This involved lots of zombie slaying. 

Near the end of the game, Collin has two choices.  Run away, or help the party.  Running away means he lives.  Staying and helping the party means that he may not survive.  

Collin has a habit of personal death for his player characters.  He gleefully let’s us all know what his decision was.  You can guess for yourself what his choice was.

Meanwhile, Wanda is in a little bit of trouble. 

We all got out alive.  

After that, we played Elder Sign.  This is a favorite game of mine.  It seems easy enough, and everything is going swimmingly until it isn’t. 

We did pretty well, for a while. 

Then Eric had to say it.  You know what he said.  Then we started losing and never recovered.  We all died. That didn’t help.  

I love this game.  I like the mechanics, the genre, the replay…  and it is tough to win, really tough.

Eric seemed to be pissed about the game.  I don’t think he liked losing. 

Collin and Shari seemed to really like it.

I will keep it in the mix.