So I don’t have many pictures from yesterday’s Car Wars Arenas.  The game was great.  We had seven players, Class 5, standard rules, $5,000 per player.  I ran the arena, so I had six cars, each worth about $5,000.

We had a couple of new players.  Collin, Shari, Eric and Gavin were all back.  The new players were Luke and Reese.  Luke and Reese have been playing games for a long time, so even though they were new to Car Wars, they fell into the game pretty quickly.

Gavin was not happy with the $5k limit.  There are a ton of things he wanted to do, but the $5k limit was cramping his style.  I tried explaining to him that I like the limited games, since they make you make hard dice.  Gavin likes to super size his games, not try to live inside the budget.  I get it.  When I was a teenager, I wanted to try everything out and build the awesome car.  As an adult, I enjoy trying to figure out how to maximize the minimal.

Shari and Collin brought some good cars.  Shari had a car with a flame thrower and oil jet.  Collin had a glass cannon.  His car included a turret mounted weapon.  His downfall was that I only had top armor on one car, and Collin kept shooting at that car.  If he had shot at any other of the 5 vehicles I fielded, he would have shredded it.  Did I tell Collin that he was picking on the only car with top armor?  Well, no.  Did he ask?  No.  would I have told him?  Maybe?  😉

Eric took a pretty standard build car, with not enough armor.  Luke took two iScum motorcycles and Reese took a subcompact with a spike thrower.

I won’t go into a lot of detail.  Eric was the first one to die.  We crashed and he got driven into a wall. Things didn’t go so well for him.   Gavin died next.  I drove him around, sideways on his cycle, firing micro missiles into his rider.
Next came a big conflagration where Shari attacked one of my cars with her flame thrower.  It hit, but didn’t cause my car to catch fire. My response with my flame thrower did cause her car to catch fire.  It ended up exploding, killing her. 

Luke and I played chicken.  He lost.  Now, Luke is a former Army Cav Scout.  He drove his two cycles directly into two of my cars.  Shots fired, smash.  Luke died with a war whoop.  Reese, on the other hand, shot some spikes in front of one of my vehicles. Then, he ran away.  Reese ran to the exit.

Now, Luke died like a Klingon.  Reese ran away, squeeing like a Ferengi.  Not going to say anymore.  Klingon death.  Ferengi squeeing.

Reese showing off his Air Force training.

It is a big mess.

I then asked Collin if he wanted to call it a game.  His glass cannon was pretty much undamaged.  I had three rolling vehicles, and one immobile one.  Collin wanted to duke it out.  So we did.  He shot me several times.  That is, he decided to shoot my only vehicle with top armor.

I maneuvered my car and shot his side armor away, did a 90 degree turn and drove right through his car.    Now, Collin called me Dick.  I don’t understand. Collin has been playing games with me for a couple of months and I thought he knew my name was Rob, not Dick.

Anyhow, after that, I spent time painting minis.  I have been painting my Mansions of Madness 1st Ed minis for a while.  I primed my Descent 2 minis.  I have a lot of Descent 2nd Ed stuff.  So I primed all of the minis.  They are now sitting in Battle Foam trays.  I spent the night basing a few sets.

Gavin was happy playing Bolt Action while I painted.

On Sunday, I painted more minis, and watched several movies.  I don’t warch a lot of TV.  My wife, Molly, wanted to g e.g. Breakfast. I had a delicious omelette, Molly  had raspberry topping on French toast.  Then she wanted to go to Target to get a copy of the World of Warcraft movie on disk.  She is a huge WOW fan.  I kind of want to see it also.

Anyhow, I got a copy of Mad Max Fury Road.  All I have to say about that movie is… “Witness Me!”  Absolutelyfreakinglymotherfucking awesome.

Ant how, I traded off movies and painting and walking dogs.  I watched Fury Road and then Godzilla, the American movie from a couple of years.  Another favorite of mine.  Any Godzilla movie is a a good watch.  I will even sit through the Matthew Broderick horrible movie.

After that, I watched Live, Die, Repeat.  Now, I don’t care for Tom Cruise.  He just rubs me the wrong way.  He has done a few movies I like.  Oblivion, Tropic Thunder, War of the Worlds, Valkyrie, Interview With a Vampire.  Live, Die, Repeat is pretty OK.  Well, until the last five minutes of the movie.  Really?  Why did the two main characters not truly die?  Bullshit.

So the weekend was well spent. Gaming, painting, watching movies, having breakfast with my wife, walking the dogs…