Saturday was Zombicide day.  I asked Shari on Thursday at work what she wanted to play.  She replied “We could play Zombicide  or Savage Worlds, or Zombicide, or D&D, or Zombicide, or Elder Sign, or Zombicide, or Car Wars, or Zombicide.  You choose”  I figured that Zombicide would be a good choice.  Several weeks ago, Shari was not having a good day at work.  I asked her if playing Wanda, the roller skating waitress would make it better. She agreed it would.  She was significantly better after that.  I think Shari likes Zombicide.

Collin and Shari gave me a Kwanza present, the zombie dogs expansion.  More badness

So Shari, her husband Collin, Sue, her husband Mike, Eric and me gathered to kill some zombies.  We played two games.  The first game was simple enough.  We needed to get through town to the end, with everyone alive.  Now we were playing with the expanded rules that allow for character arcs through several games.  The rules allow for keeping weapons that they gather in one game to the next with a catch.  Each player may keep one item in their inventory into the next game if they kill enough zombies to raise their threat level to yellow.  In the next game, they can take another item if they kill enough zombies to raise to the orange threat level.

Hence the quandary.  We can bolt through this adventure and win, or work to get some decent weapons while killing enough zombies to rise into the yellow threat zone.

The party searches through the first block of rooms.  They find a nice selection of weapons and pull few zombies in the building.  Many zombies including an abomination outside.  We ended up finding three Molotov cocktails which works nicely.  Sue opens the door and roasts a bunch of zombies.

We move forward and kill more zombies in front and back, left and right.  We try to balance the massacre so we can all get to the end of the scenario in the yellow zone.

More zombie killing  we pull a bunch of runners, who are a pain in the backside.

Once we all get into the yellow threat zone, we make for the exit.

A final shot, everyone lived.


The zombies were not pleased

Another shot of the zombies.

We played another game that involved driving.  Half the party drove cars, the other half went through buildings.  Collin ran to a police car.  As his last action, he searched and drew a zombie card  he took a wound

The game went well.  For a while at least.  We all got into the orange zone.  Then it went bad.  Eric died the first glorious death.  Then Mike got surrounded and he died.  Collin died next.  Shari died next.  All within a few turns.

In the end, only Sue and I lived.  Now, only one player had to live, so I guess we won.  Four of the group have to start over without any weapons on the next game.

I chose to take the chainsaw as my second card.  That way, I can give it to Wanda straight away.