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We played Call of Cthulhu last Thursday.  Continuing on with the previous session and storyline.

I am going to try to make this a quick and short post, since I want to spend time today painting minis.  I am in the middle of painting minis for FFG’s DOOM base box.

Here are the Possessed Soldiers.  I am not really happy with the minis.  They are very detailed, but they are overly busy.


They have been based, ink washed and then some detail applied.  I am completely ambivalent about them.  They just don’t speak to me.  I can’t explain why, just that they are not moving me.  I get the idea that they are possessed soldiers, but I don’t really like the sculpts.  I will work on them some more.


Some Imps in progress.  They have been based, inked and drybrushed.  Need a lot more work.


Another view of the Imps.  Quarter for size comparison.


I like the Cacodemon’s a lot.  These guys aren’t flying, like I remember in Doom.  I don’t remember them having legs, much less being quadrupedal, but I like them.  These guys are works in progress.  I have base painted them, and done an ink wash.  They need a lot more TLC.

As per usual, the quarter is in front for some scale of mini.


One of my favorites, the Revenant.  I like these guys.  They make me happy.  Well, keep in mind that my position is based on the fact that I will likely be running the game.


Some Pinky’s.  These guys have been base coated and inkwashed.  I need to do a lot more work on them,.


Another view of the Pinky’s.


I am hoping for a series of expansions to the game.  After all, there are a lot of potential scultps to add.  Hopefully, the expansions will include some more player options, as in more than 5 player mode.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be some nods to Quake, or Duke Nukem?


I have not started painting the heroes, Cyberdemon, Mancubus or the Baron from Hell yet.  There are only so many hours in the day.  And some of them involve making coffee.  Before any of the players get too excited, I have a lot of other minis to pain, and my ADHD does not allow me to paint one set to completion.  I need to go and paint other stuff also.  This is why I am only partially through my Descent 2nd Edition minis (actually, I am mostly through the monsters, but I have yet to start painting any of the heroes).  Same deal with Mansions of Madness 1st Edition.  I am much farther along with my Zombicide minis.  I have to paint a bunch of the survivors, and the VIP’s.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, I have to write this blog post about last Thursday’s adventure in Call of Cthulhu, then post something about yesterday’s Zombicide game.

The party got together last Thursday, and continued on their adventure.  They arrived back at Hob Lea, and found that Seth was in a different mood.  Seth dismissed all of the things that the party said happened.  This seemed odd, since the last time they met with Seth, he was an active participant in the conspiracy theories.  Now, he said things like:

  • It’s all just superstition and a waste of time.
  • The information he gave them was just a hoax;  Hah, fooled you!
  • The ceremony they saw was some re-enactment society, performed in the woods at night to avoid embarrassment.
  • Disappearing dancers, emerging insects indeed. Hadn’t they just spent all night at the pub?
  • He is thinking of selling up and moving, perhaps abroad, for the sake of his health.
  • He is giving up this fallacious research anyway and will burn all his books and papers.

This all seems odd to the party, since they are convinced that Seth was a believer, and now he has completely changed his mind.  They try psychology rolls, and don’t do well.

This is where the role play in Call of Cthulhu is a little hard.  Seth was supposed to persuade (via a persuade roll) that he was right.  I have never been comfortable with this part of the CoC game play.  The party knows what they saw.  They were involved in it.  They took psychic and real damage.  And somehow, they could be persuaded that all the wounds they took along with what they saw would be tossed aside by a simple persuade roll?  I can get that he could make a persuade roll against a psychology roll to convince the other player that he is on the level.  But to try to persuade the other player that all the things that he experienced didn’t occur, without some form of electroshock therapy?  It doesn’t work for me.

Finally, Seth storms off to his bedroom.  The nurse and the Romani follow.  They follow Seth into his bedroom, and he demand that they leave.  The nurse says that she is worried about Seth, since he seems so different.  He laughs, and says, you should worry about this..  and he pulls a vial out of his pocket and smashes it on the floor, to which a swirling vortex opens up, and a Star Vampire comes out.

It gets pretty ugly.  Before someone thinks to shoot Seth, he ends up pulling out two more vials, and two more star vampires come out.  Things get ugly.  The party arrives, and fights.  The star vampires end up doing some heavy damage, knocking three of the party members completely out…  The doctor, gets drilled to less than 0 hit points, and loses 5 strength points.  The Romani gets knocked out, and loses a bunch of strength.  The actor gets the worst of it.  He gets knocked to less than 0 HP, and goes to 0 strength.  The loss of strength is due to blood drain.

Eventually, the party kills the three star vampires, and Seth is immobilized by being shot.

The party needs time to heal.  With the Doctor out, the nurse tries to read the Heal spell.  It doesn’t go well.  She fails miserably, and ends up screaming in terror, running from the Hob Lea house.  She comes to 5 hours later, robbed of everything she had.  Magic is not something that you want to mess with.  She also took 10 sanity damage from misreading (or maybe it was reading?) the spell.

After several days of rest, the party decides to go back to London.  They get on the bus, and leave Ugthorpe.  Now the party failed their spot hidden rolls, so they were not warned about the steep road.  The road that was so steep that the bus barely could make it up the road…

Well the road going out is still steep, only it is steep down instead.  As the bus starts down the steep downhill section of the road, the bus driver stands straight up, opens the door and jumps out.

Everyone is shocked, to say the least.  The bus is freewheeling down the lane and no one is driving.  The bus starts to bounce, and careen around the road.  Unperturbed,  Jeremy goes up and tries to drive the bus.  He makes his first drive  roll, and doesn’t flip the bus.  But then things get bad.

Two of the bus riders (not of the party) start stabbing the party members with knives.  One stabby stabby guy hits the actor.  Luckily for the actor, he only does one damage.  It is only a flesh wound.  Things get bad then.  Jeremy fails the drive roll, and the brakes fail.  The brake pedal goes all the way to the floor without anything else happening.  Jeremy bravely jumps off the bus, taking limited damage.

The nurse knows what to do  She tries to drive the bus.  Well, she tries to get to the driver seat.  The dilettante gets to the area right by the driver seat, near the door.  This is where our true expert in all things Britain prevails, and tells me that I have drawn the bus as though it was in the US, not the UK.  The door is on the wrong side of the bus.  Damn.  I quickly redraw the door to make Daron happy.

The nurse fails her dex roll, and is unable to make it to the front of the bus.  The two stabby stabby guys are killed outright by gunfire.  The nurse finally makes it to the front of the bus.  Just about this time, some of the party members realize that they are moving at a very high rate of speed towards a swing bridge which is open.  The nurse fails her drive roll, and the steering wheel comes off in her hands, where she realizes that she is headed for a crash with a long steel spiky pointy thing right in front of her.  Only the wheel comes off, the shaft is still there.

Several party members bail off the bus.  They take pretty significant damage.  The actor and the romani are not able to get off the bus, but they improvise crash cushions.  The actor takes the corpse of the stabby stabby person and places it in front of him, hoping that will reduce the damage to him.  The Irishman uses the near dead body of Seth.

The dilettante times her jump off the bus just as it goes off the road into the water.  She skips several times on the water, then sinks in.  The bus goes front end into the water, leaving the two remaining party members with their corpse-cushions out of the water.

That was the entire session.  They had some epic battle time, and a difficult issue to resolve.. how to survive a bus crash.

More next week.