This last couple of weekends,  I needed a break from running RPG’s.  I love running RPG’s, but sometimes, my brain isn’t up to speed.  So I fall back to Zombicide.

I should also mix in some other games for the Saturday group.  A few fun games for larger groups could include Galaxy Trucker, Power Grid, and Talisman.  Most games are designed for 3 or 4 players.  Some have the ability to play with 5 or 6, if you buy the expansion.  There aren’t many games which work well with any number of players, 2 to 8.

But Zombicide is fun, easygoing and pretty much a crowd pleaser

I have also been working on painting more minis for the game.  The group wants me to paint more heroes.  I want to get the zombies done.  More variety in the game.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

So here are some works in progress.

First up, zombie dogs.  These little nasties (beauties?) are especially bad.  They have three activation per turn.  As in:

  • move move move
  • move move bite
  • move bite bite
  • bite bite bite
  • bite move move

you get the idea.

In case any of the players think that this is particularly a bad idea, Shari and Collin bought the box of these little cuties for me.  I can only assume that they thought it was a good idea.

The next shots are all works in progress of two boxes that I bought, called “Very Infected People” (VIP).  Each box has four copies of five minis.  They have special activation cards, which have a blue background.  This is why they mostly have the teal base.  The first two pictures were taken before I painted the first coat of the teal base.

The mechanic of this is that they spawn when their particular spawn card goes down.  They are all walkers.  When a hero kills a VIP, the VIP goes to their board.  When the hero has killed five different VIP’s, they can trade them in for a cool weapon.  However, if the players hoard the VIP’s, and  a VIP card is turned over without any minis to place, all the VIP’s get an extra activation.

Pimps.  Yes, you need zombie pimps.

I was thinking of Tony P of the Disco Boys from Mystery Men when I painted these guys.


Some punk rockers.

I am not sure what these guys are.    I thought of goths, but then I decided to paint them as more colorful than goths.  All black doesn’t show up well for 28 mm minis.

Zombie nurses.  These are not the type of people that you want giving you a shot.

Zombie construction workers

Zombie cops.  I patterned the uniform from what I remember from the City of Seattle Police, from the 1970’s.  They had an Officer Friendly program, where the police would come to the grade schools and talk with the kids, and let them see the police cars.

Zombie sailors.  Are these any worse than sailors on shore leave?

Zombie cooks.

Some zombie Santas.  It is pretty normal that I don’g see much of the detail until I start painting the mini.  The depth of detail seems to work itself into my vision when I start looking closely at the mini to start painting.  For some reason, I don’t see the details when the mini is just out of the box, or when it is primed.  I need to pick it up with a paintbrush in hand and start considering colors before I really see the details.  It is kind of hard to explain, but until I start putting color on the mini, the details don’t pop at me.

In this case, as I started painting the Santas, I realized that the beard looked like tentacles.  So I am painting two as “traditional” zombie Santas and two as SanCthuhlu’s

So yesterday, we met once again to play Zombicide.  The party got together at the beginning of the map. The goals were simple.

  • Open all of the doors
  • Everyone must survive
  • Each party member must have at least one of the following:
    • Can of food
    • Bottle of water
    • Sack of rice
    • Plenty of ammo card
  • Make it to the exit

Simple, right?  Well, maybe not.

Bill starts out helping us from the start.  He goes first, and opens up two doors.  this spawns one fatty and two walkers behind door #1, and one toxic fatty and two toxic walkers behind door #2.

Evidently, Bill never watched the Price is Right when he was home sick from school.


We survived, and entered the first building that Bill opened up, and checked out stuff.  The board populated with zombies.  I hesitate to call the zombies “bad guys”, since they are really not “bad guys”  They are not driven from any internal internal conflict, and have not conscience.  They are simply interested in eating us.

Some explanation may be in order.  The photo shows several different colors of base.  This blog previously discussed the teal base for the VIP zombies.

The red based zombies are raging zombies.  They have armor plating as part of their mutations.  They can only be killed using melee combat.

The green based zombies are toxic zombies.  They have another type of mutation, and they explode with toxic goo if you kill them in the same square.

The different gray based zombies are from the base box.  They are normal zombies.  Well, hungry zombies.  They have two different shades of grey because I painted half, then the other half, and didn’t keep the same grey for the base color.  My bad.

The little wooden blocks (yellow fish, orange carrots, red bricks etc) are markers that each player places when they have searched a room.  In Zombicide, each player can only search a room once.  This can get confusing.  So I purchased a marker set with about 10 different markers, and each player keeps one set of markers.  They place it when they have searched the room.  Presto, one less thing to try to remember.

Toxic Fatty in your space?  Meh, I got this.

Well, Bill almost didn’t get this.  He tried, and tried, and tried to kill things, but his dice rolled poorly.  He even switched out dice.

Toward the end of the game, things got bad for Shari and Bill.  Everyone else beat feat out, but Shari and Bill were having problems.  They were surrounded.

Here is another shot.  of the conflagration of zombies.

Things were getting really bad.  Most of the party had escaped.  Except… Eric, who killed Wanda.  You see, Eric forgot the victory conditions of the scenario.

  • Open all of the doors
  • Everyone must survive
  • Each party member must have at least one of the following:
    • Can of food
    • Bottle of water
    • Sack of rice
    • Plenty of ammo card
  • Make it to the exit

And another shot of the mass of zombies following Shari out.

And one adjusted for more visual interest.

In the end, everyone had a good time, even Eric, who is not pictured here, since he killed Wanda.