GURPS – Goblins Episode 03

So yesterday was my birthday.  I am now 49.  To date, I have not received any letters from AARP, although I suspect that they are coming. I had a good birthday.  It involved hanging out with the dogs in the back yard, reading.  It also involved a good time with friends playing GURPS at Dice […]

GURPS – Goblins Episode 02

We all met at Dice Age Games again to play GURPS.  This is where we are taking GURPS, and playing with the GURPS Goblin build in a low fantasy Tech Level 3 world.  Essentially a medieval world.  Metagaming, we are actually on the Starship Warden from Metamorphosis Alpha.   The characters don’t know this. So […]

GURPS – Goblins Episode 01

It was supposed to be a simple session.  But then, Collin, Shari, Sue, Mike, William and Eric. I haven’t run GURPS for over 25 years.  Maybe closer to 30.  I played the original games from the Fantasy Trip in High School.  Might have also been middle school.  You know, the original… and I also played […]

Tales from the Yawning Portal Episode 07

  We all met for another rousing session of D&D on Saturday.  All of the players arrived at the game store at almost the exact time.  We actually all drove into the parking lot simultaneously.  Well, one right after another.  Simultaneously would mean that we all occupied the same place at the same time.  Thankfully, […]

Tales from the Yawning Portal Episode 06

So I haven’t posted on the blog for a few weeks.  We have met and played games on Saturday, but they were Zombicide games.  After a while, it can get a little old writing about Zombicide.  I like the game a lot.  A lotta lot.  But writing about the things that happened can get repetitive. […]