Non RPG Day board games galore

So we gathered at Dice Age Game Emporium yesterday.  Sue was still away.  Mike keeps denying that she is in the Witness Protection Program, but we all wonder.  This thing about flying out constantly likely means that she is either an undercover spy, going to third world countries to help Make America Great Again, or […]

Non RPG Day – Cosmic Encounter 02

We met at Dice Age Game Emporium again, to celebrate the fact that Bill made it back from the Neil Diamond concert.  Or so we thought.  Bill didn’t make it to Neil Diamond, since he as sick.  He must have been really sick to not make it to Diamond’s final tour.  We all had ideas […]

Non RPG Day – Cosmic Encounter

    Yes, sometimes, we don’t play an RPG on a day.  Sue is gone.  Bill is gone.  I decided to bring in Cosmic Encounter, by Fantasy Flight Games. Bill said he had a concert to go to.  I think it was the Neil Diamond farewell tour.  You know, you gotta see the classics while […]