Mutant Crawl Classics Episodes 1, 2 and 3

  So I have been remiss.  I haven’t posted a blog post for several months.  We have been playing, but I have been lazy.  Well, I will rationalize “lazy” as spending my time reading books, painting minis and other such stuff instead of writing the blog post. For me to prep for an adventure, I […]

Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 05

    It was a TPK.  And it wasn’t pretty.  We played Gamma World 7th Ed again yesterday.  Everyone was chuffed, since everyone was now 3rd level.  Woot, new things to do, new ways to cause mayhem. Not so much. Maybe not at all. Well, to be fair, it was not a good thing for […]

Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 04

We played yesterday again some more Gamma World.  The players continued on with the ongoing adventure of trying to figure out why robots were being produced that would come down to the walls of the village and explode, or try to shot a rocket at the village wall, then explode. Sara, Mike and Sue’s daughter […]

Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 03

We gathered again yesterday at Dice Age to play some more Gamma World.  It was brutal.  It wasn’t a TPK, but there was a lot of player character death.  I am always wary of killing off player characters.  I want the players to have a good time, but at the same time, I want to […]

Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 02

We met yesterday to continue on with our Gamma World adventures.  Everyone had a good time.  Monsters died, characters died.  Everyone laughed, no one got bent out of shape.  We annoyed the people at the table next to us who were trying to have a serious Warhammer game.  It may have been 40K, or some […]