Various rants and raves, episode X+1

So last Saturday, we played board games instead of D&D.  It was fun, including the new version of Illuminati, along with a game of Redneck Life.  Much of what was said can not be repeated.  So I won’t. This blog post is a rant about me getting good deals, and still not liking it.  It […]

Zombicide Episode 06

So last Saturday, we played Zombicide.  I was pretty excited, since Zombicide Green Horde was Kickstarting.   I mean, who could say no to zombie orcs? And there is a new trebuchet!  And  giant zombie dragon!  And a ballista! And this… I also needed a short break from running RPG’s.  I love running RPG’s, but sometimes, […]

Zombicide Episode 03

So Mike and Sue came this weekend, but Shari and Collin were not here.  Eric was here also.  Mike and Sue had played Zombicide several years ago.  I think that Mike may have Kickstarted it.  But he hadn’t played it in several years, so we went through the learning scenario. The goal was to go […]

Another Weekend Well Spent.

So I don’t have many pictures from yesterday’s Car Wars Arenas.  The game was great.  We had seven players, Class 5, standard rules, $5,000 per player.  I ran the arena, so I had six cars, each worth about $5,000. We had a couple of new players.  Collin, Shari, Eric and Gavin were all back.  The […]

Hello Kitty Space Marines

So my son wanted the Warhammer 40 K Kill Team box for the rules and Tau. He didn’t want the Space Marines.  So I went in half on the box with him.  After all, I love painting minis, and had no Space Marines. So I thought about how to paint these dudes.  I landed on […]

Zombicide Minis, 1st batch

So I gave had Zombicide sitting in a box for about a year and a half.  The game is ok, just ok.  Well, maybe a little better than ok, but then how much strategy can you have with a zombie game?  Open up as many doors as soon as possible in the game, and try […]

The Angel Gang

I have been been concentrating on RPG’s for quite a while. I have not been painting mini’s.  Here are some I finished up this weekend. Judge Dredd miniatures game by Warlord Games. Link Angel front Link Angel back Mean Machine Angel front Mean Machine Angel back Pa Angel front Pa Angel back My all time […]