Out of the Abyss Episode 07, 08 and 09

All right, I have been lazy again.  I haven’t been keeping up on the blog posts.  For good reason, I am sure, such as I have been watching movies on TV and hanging out with the dogs. Well, those reasons may not be good reasons, but they are my reasons. I did watch some pretty […]

Out of the Abyss Episode 06

Saturday’s game probably should have been called “Sit around in the room and lick wounds” instead of alluding to being “out” of anything. Well, that and making Bill upset. Really upset. But that was later in the day. We met again, at Don Taco.  Collin and Shari brought along their spawn.  We had a good […]

Out of the Abyss Episode 05

    We met again on Saturday to play D&D again. Things were good, but we were missing Eric and Collin.  Eric was at a funeral (not his), and Collin went to Rose City Comic Con – or so he told Shari.  We are not sure if he actually is in Portland, or not.  He […]

Out of the Abyss Episode 04

  So things got interesting this Saturday.  I know you all want to know about that, but I need to have my rant for a while prior to talking about D&D. I spent the week watching the Fantasy Trip Kickstarter page. I know that Mike was also watching this closely.  Both of us played TFT […]

Out of the Abyss Episode 01, 02 and 03

Once again, I am playing catch up on the blog posts.  I was remiss for several months.  We played several games of Mutant Crawl Classics, which was semi-documented in the last blog post.  We also played several sessions of other board games. This week, we were in our third session of Out of the Abyss.  […]

Mutant Crawl Classics Episodes 1, 2 and 3

  So I have been remiss.  I haven’t posted a blog post for several months.  We have been playing, but I have been lazy.  Well, I will rationalize “lazy” as spending my time reading books, painting minis and other such stuff instead of writing the blog post. For me to prep for an adventure, I […]

Mpence, the goblin cleric Episode 03

So we met yesterday at Dice Age Game Emporium once again to ask the eternal question.  “Are we level X now?”  Bill toyed with us, played with us, and led us on until we finally gave in and played the game. In the end, Veep got his wish.  He was able to get the gnome […]