Savage Worlds – War of the Dead Episode 14

      Once again, I am not sure how to describe what happened yesterday. No, really, this was outside the normal range of oddities.  Eric didn’t show up, and that didn’t seem to help keep things on track. This is probably going to be a short post.  This is for a few reasons.  First, […]

Savage Worlds – War of the Dead Episode 13

So I have been trying to figure out how to describe what happened at the last Saturday RPG session.  I have been stewing over this for a while.  Things almost got back on track, then it didn’t. In a nutshell. The party drugged the Mayor. The party dragged the Mayor. The party learned what a […]

Savage Worlds – War of the Dead Episode 12

So we met yesterday with the intention of playing Savage Worlds, War of the Dead.  You know, continuing on in the campaign.  Well, it kind of worked. The entire thing started out with Sue almost ready to come back from Inbredlandistan, keeping ‘Merica safe on her secret mission to “watch her daughter’s cats while her […]

Savage Worlds – War of the Dead Episode 10

All right, I don’t really know what episode we are on for War of the Dead.  We played this campaign for quite a while last year, then stopped and played a bunch of other games.  I had a hankering for getting back to this campaign.  I also wanted to play some Savage Worlds.  Eric wanted […]

The United States Post Office Is Doomed To Fail.

  The USPS is not capable of customer service.  I get it.  But, they are doomed to fail.  Email, DHL, Fed Ex and others are going to get rid of this dinosaur because the other methods of moving media are more efficient. That being said, the USPS isn’t helping themselves. Last year, I backed a […]