Another Weekend Well Spent.

So I don’t have many pictures from yesterday’s Car Wars Arenas.  The game was great.  We had seven players, Class 5, standard rules, $5,000 per player.  I ran the arena, so I had six cars, each worth about $5,000. We had a couple of new players.  Collin, Shari, Eric and Gavin were all back.  The […]

Car Wars Episode 3

So today was all about Car Wars. We ran an arena game with a $5,000 limit on vehicles.  I bought two basic motorcycles.  Eric, Colin and Shari made up the rest of the away team.  Roy had the home team, with 4 vehicles.  Roy drafted Richard to help run two of his 4 home team. […]

Odds and Ends – A Saturday Spent Well

So Saturday, we played the second part of Car Wars – Convoy.  Mike ran it, and it was a lot of fun.  As before, the maturity level at the table undermined much of what Mike had planned for us.  We really only got into a couple of battles, one of which was resolved pretty quickly. In […]

Car Wars 02 and Toon

So this week, we played Car Wars, again.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterwards, a smaller group of us played Toon, by Steve Jackson Games. Car Wars started out with way too many people, again.  This was fun, and a lot of mayhem occurred, however, it was unfortunate that one of the new players […]

Car Wars Episode 01

So we have been playing a lot of RPG’s.  I purchased the Steve Jackson’s Car Wars game earlier this year.  Now I had this game back in 1982 or so, and had a lot of fun playing it with my high school and college friends, but I haven’t played it for something over 25 years. […]