Savage Worlds Episode 04

So last week, the party found out that they had a lot to learn about how “murderer hobo” a player… Err players could get. But let’s start at the beginning. The party started out at the fishing village of Madeline.  Madeline was attacked by pirates who destroyed several buildings and stole rations and other tools […]

D&D Sundays Episode 00

So we have been playing through the Rise of Tiamat for a while, and the party has almost finished Tiamat.  The players seemed to enjoy the hack and slash, but the story seemed contrived.  Sorry Kobald Press, but the party wanted to cause mayhem, not deal with the Council of Waterdeep. So, what to play […]

Savage Worlds Episode 03

Well, it only took three weeks, but the band of wandering murderer hobos has returned. They massacred a group of wandering minstrels and took everything of value that they had… All because Gavin was upset that he won a contest about his thumb. But let’s back up a little. The party started out where they […]

Savage Worlds Episode 02

So today was a day to figure out role playing. The party was walking along with the caravan to Wright Town. First only Daron heard a “ring ding ding ding ding” sound (meta gaming a small 2-stroke engine sound). Daron tried to track the sound, but rolled double ones, and didn’t notice the matted down […]

Savage Worlds Episode 01

The party found out several things on Saturday. They found out that minion monsters can seriously hurt a party member. They found out that mutant cockroaches that are as big as German shepherds are a nuisance, but they can be tasty enough when you are hungry enough. But let’s start over at the beginning. The […]

Savage Worlds Episode 00

To set the stage… I wanted to run Savage Worlds.  I love the game.  It is fast and fun, and people seem to laugh hysterically when they are being pummeled by the bad guys.  Eric wanted a post apocalyptic setting.  So I pulled out the Broken Earth setting.   It is pretty much full of […]