Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 12

The party continued on last Thursday.  Jeremy showed up, then he left soon after.  Not sure why, maybe he was concerned about his 2 hit point halfling… The party went back to town in the previous episode. They were tired, and wanted their beauty sleep.  Well, they also needed to lick their wounds and come […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 11

So a bunch of us gathered again at Dice Age Games to play DCC again.  Loren couldn’t make it.  Now that had three issues.  First, I like gaming with Loren.  She exudes snark which fits in well with the group, and my sense of humor.  Secondly, She has two copies of the DCC book.  That […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 10

Last Thursday, we met again.  The party was smaller.  Daron and Summer were making final preparations for their wedding.  Jeremy didn’t come.  It was a little quieter, but seemed to be fun. The Party continued with the Carnival of the Damned. There were too many choices.  They asked what was round them, and I listed […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 08

So everyone but Brian showed up.  No blue elf.  A new player, Andy did come.  Andy fits in well with the group, as you shall see later. The first thing Andy asks is “what type of character does the party need?”  Oh, no, not one of those.  Trying to help out…  DCC is all about […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 07

So the party was in a mood last Thursday night.  It was a packed table.  Everyone was there except Mike.  You see, Mike was having his last day at work, I am retiring and so freaking happy party.  Mike (and Sue) showed up late, but they hung around.  Mike didn’t play, he just watched the […]

Dungeon Crawl Classics Episode 06

So last Thursday’s gaming session started with two new players.  Brian and Jeremy.  Both have played RPG’s before, but never any RPG’s as chaotic as DCC.  First they had to wrap their minds around the idea that just because they want to play a dwarf, for instance, they don’t get to, unless the random rolls […]